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Mum’s the word now over ‘authorizing water pollution’.

You might remember a few days ago that I was highlighting a letter from Keith Ashfield, our Fisheries Minister, proudly proclaiming that the federal budget implementation bill ‘will offer new tools to “authorize” water pollution, while allowing the government to outsource services to protect the country’s waterways’, because the current Fisheries Act does not have enough options for industry to ‘disrupt or contaminate fish habitat’.

Well, since that letter got released, suddenly Minister Ashfield got media-shy, and he isn’t so ready to proclaim that in public, or give a public explanation:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minister in charge of protecting Canada’s fisheries does not appear to have an explanation for […]


US Supreme Court rules US Affordable Health Care Act is Constitutional..

…the surprising thing here is that Chief Justice John Roberts, the conservative judge appointed by GW Bush, is the deciding vote, and not the usual “moderate conservative” Anthony Kennedy. He went over and sided with the 3 Musketeers (Scalia, Alito, Thomas) and said the whole act was unconstitutional.

The venom and delirium from the Tea Party supporters and other Republicans in general has been equivalent to an orchestra of scorched cats (to quote Mr. Jorkin in Ebenezer Scrooge)

Others have taken note of Conservatives threatening to flee to Canada, as if Stephen Harper’s Canada would offer refuge to them. I’m afraid to inform them we already have death panels […]


You know you have an anti-environment government when…

This quote from Keith Ashfield, Fisheries Minister, raised my eyebrows a bit when I read it:

Changes to Canada’s environmental protection laws in the federal budget implementation bill will offer new tools to “authorize” water pollution, while allowing the government to outsource services to protect the country’s waterways, says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield.

In a newly-released letter, Ashfield said the existing Fisheries Act, considered to be Canada’s strongest environmental protection law, has “long played an important role in preventing pollution of Canadian waters.” But he suggested it needed to be changed since it doesn’t provide enough options allowing industry to disrupt or contaminate fish habitat.

When a Minister […]


Blogging for a good cause/fundraiser, Part #2

The 2nd good cause I’m blogging about today (Good cause #1 is located here) is called “Watoto Wa Baraka”. Basically, they are trying to raise funds to build a rural school in Kenya. The parent organization has been working with helping orphans, and this is a new project that they’ve initiated. It’s so new it’s not up on their website yet, but their small team of volunteers is working to get it updated.

I was informed of this project by my friend Michelle Oliel, who is a former Liberal/Progressive blogger and who is now based overseas. She has been a volunteer at the site (her page on Facebook shows her […]


Blogging for a good cause/fundraiser, Project #1

I’ve had a couple of good causes/fundraisers brought to my attention, & I decided I’d give each one their own unique blogpost.

The first one is for a project called “The Cola Road”. Claire Ward is the person who is asking for your donations. If her name is familiar, she has worked as an associate editor at Macleans Magazine, and still contributes articles to them.

Rather then have me explain the project, I’ll let Claire explain it in her own words (more info is at the link as well):

You can give donations at the main page, or at the very least, you can spread the word via Facebook […]


New poll shows the challenge for the new Liberal leader

The National Post released an Ipsos-Reid poll yesterday, and it shows that a lot of the anti-Harper vote has and continues to coalesce around the NDP:

According to the poll, which asked Canadians who they would vote for if an election occurred today, the NDP under Thomas Mulcair would receive 38% of the popular vote, up three points since last month. (That’s also well up from the 2011 election, when the NDP finished second with 31% of the vote.) The governing Tories would receive 35% of the vote, down two points since last month (and also down from the 40% they attained to win a majority government last year.) Support […]


Alberta oil-spills karma

The frequency of oil-spills in Alberta in the past month and a bit is some karma; bad karma for Alberta and the federal Conservative government in Ottawa, that is:

The latest spill occurred earlier this week in northeastern Alberta near the town of Elk Point, where Enbridge confirmed a spill of about 230,000 litres through its pumping station on the Athabasca pipeline. The biggest incident was earlier this month near Red Deer and Sundre in central Alberta, where 475,000 litres of oil from Plains Midstream Canada leaked, some of it spilling into the Red Deer River. In May, a Pace Energy Oil and Gas oil leak near Rainbow Lake in […]


Provincial Ontario Liberals very disappointing on the environment.

This post might annoy a few people I know at Queen’s Park, but I’m a tad annoyed with the Mcguinty government, so it will even out.

Mcguinty’s Liberals are pulling the same Omnibus stunt (Bill C-55 I believe it’s called) that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were getting roundly criticized for over Bill C-38. Specifically, what I am extremely disappointed in the provincial Liberals over is them doing the same weakening of environmental laws that the Harper government is doing:

Ontario’s budget bill aims to weaken environmental regulations that might interfere with resource activities such as mining and forestry.It would amend the Crown Forest Sustainability Act to let cabinet exempt timber companies […]


Don’t take it personally, Deputy Minister

I’m sure Minister Kenney thinks the same foul-mouth thoughts – even if he doesn’t accidentally proclaim it in email – about all his political opponents who oppose his and the Conservative government’s agenda. The only thing surprising is that it’s an Alberta Progressive Conservative Deputy Minister who’s the object of his diatribe. On the other hand, considering most of the Federal Conservative caucus were cheering for a Wild Rose victory, maybe not so surprising.


Does the House of Commons have air conditioning?

If not, I suspect the tempers in Parliament – already frayed over the all-nighter the government forced on Bill C-38, and other recent events like Dean Del Maestro being in big trouble with Elections Canada – will be at the boiling point, literally, when temperatures in Southern Ontario and Quebec hit the low to mid 30’s Celsius and humidex values make it feel like 40+ Celsius

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