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Omnibus Bill C-38 gets rammed through..

..but not without a good fight. Bravo to all the opposition parties and Green Party leader Elizabeth May for making a good point about the ridiculousness of grouping everything from auditing charities to gutting Environmental laws and claiming it was all essential to pass in one big monstrosity of a bill that even Conservative MP’s were complaining about in private (and one MP in public) keep the economy going.

One question I’d be interested to find out – how many Budget Bills in the history of Canada – omnibus or otherwise – have been passed by Parliament without a single amendment to it? I’d surely be interested to find out […]


Thanks Mr. Rae

Bob Rae probably surprised 99% of the political world by today declaring he was not going to run as permanent Liberal leader. As with others online, on blogs and on Twitter, I concur that it’s the right decision, and that he did so with class. Despite the mini-furore online that erupted when CBC said last week he was preparing to run, he would still have been the presumptive front-runner for the job, so it still must have been tempting for him to jump in.

As for the Liberal leadership race, I would hope this decision has the effect of spurring on some hitherto undecided folks. The race is wide […]


This is nothing we progressives haven’t said before

Many of us have been snorting at the “Canada’s back” on the international world stage claim that Harper and the Conservatives have been going on about for several years now – as if we had disappeared from the world stage to begin with. Many of us have pointed out that this government has put forth a lot of detrimental policies and statements that have, if anything, isolated us from the world stage and angered others.

There is nothing new that hasn’t been said by many of us before that is talked about in Jeffery Simpson’s column in the Globe and Mail today on the same topic, but it’s nice to […]


Small chinks in the Conservative armor?

There have been signs lately that even some Conservatives are not pleased with what Harper and the government have done with either their omnibus bill or their blatant disregard for anything to do with the environment or protecting it in their frantic rush to pump oil from the tarsands. You can see examples of this here and here – and I’m not even sure you’d call those folks the “Red Tory” wing either.

A side parallel story to this is the Alberta ranchers and landowners fed up with oil spills wrecking their land and water. This anger is directed at the provincial Alberta government more then it is the […]


Brief thoughts on Bob Rae running or not running

There was a bit of a dustup online (amongst Liberals anyhow) over this story CBC broke yesterday:

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae will be permitted to run in his party’s leadership race and he is expected to enter the race, CBC News has learned…Party President Mike Crawley said a motion will be presented next Wednesday “to clarify how Rae could put himself forward as a candidate.”

The main debate raging seems to be over Bob breaking his word last year he would not put himself forward as a candidate for the permanent leader position (and you can find that quote of his very easily – at Macleans for one from […]


More UN hating from Conservatives. Pull us out, screams 1 MP.

Wow, majority government is really unleashing some of the Conservatives:

Larry Miller, the MP for Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound, says he’s upset the UN Committee Against Torture “voiced displeasure” with the Harper government’s refugee-reform bill, and sent a rapporteur on food security to Canada. He doesn’t like the criticism from the UN and issued a statement saying he’s going to ask Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to consider whether Canada should take its ball and go home.

If you’re wondering, no country has ever “quit” the UN because it didn’t like something the body said or did with specifics to them – not even North Korea, nor Iran, nor any other of […]


More foreign policy antagonism

You might have caught this story last week:

For a moment at least, it was a United Nations-basher’s dream come true. The UN had once again hugely discredited itself, this time by appointing Zimbabwe’s pariah President Robert Mugabe to be its tourism ambassador, of all things. An indignant Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird fairly leapt to his feet in Parliament on Wednesday, after Tory MP Joe Daniel conveniently asked him how Canada intended to respond to the news that “Zimbabwe’s despotic leader . . . was named as a UN envoy.” Baird denounced the “appointment” as “outrageous.” He said it shows how “out of touch . . . with reality” […]

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