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Umm.. this is ministerial accountability, Globe and Mail?

There was an editorial in the Globe and Mail yesterday, saying basically while it was overdue, Bev Oda deciding to leave as a Minister was a sign that Harper holds his Ministers accountable for their actions. That raised a few eyebrows; my friend Impolitical listed several ministers whose ministerial indiscretions are as bad as Oda’s are, and yet nothing has been done about them – and won’t be done about them, if the PMO’s claims that this is it for Cabinet shuffling this summer is true.

We now find out that Julian Fantino is the person who has been slated to replace Oda – he who couldn’t or wouldn’t explain […]


An early test of the Harper record – thanks to Bev Oda.

In brief, my position on Bev Oda is that in my view, resigning her Cabinet position and as an MP is probably one of the few things Bev Oda did correctly in her eight year tenure at Parliament Hill. It was long overdue.

In a more general sense, it will give us an early barometer of two things: first, what people think of Harper’s policies since he and the Conservatives got their majority last year. This is a riding that did vote for and sent Liberal MP’s to office not too long ago, so it is not necessarily a “safe-blue” seat, as a riding like Oxford is. Secondly, we’ll also […]


Court ruling: Linking and quoting from online articles is legal.

Michael Geist writes today at his site about a recent court ruling that is important for all of us bloggers, no matter what political ideology or point of view we write from. Basically, the Federal Court of Canada dismissed copyright infringement claims against the website Free Dominion from the National Post and a photographer (who I believe also was working for the Post, though that’s a bit hazy in the article) because of this:

On January 10, 2008, an eleven-paragraph column by National Post columnist Jonathan Kay was posted to the site. When the Post complained in April 2010, the column was replaced with shorter excerpt that included the same […]


Happy after-Canada Day

I hope everyone had a good Canada Day yesterday and enjoys the day off today. I won’t be one of those, as where I work, we deal with US clients, so we’ll be in at work today. On the other hand, they’re giving us the July 4th day off for the exact same reason, and I did have a long weekend from taking Friday off, so I’m not complaining too badly.

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