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Some nervous Calgary Conservatives over Northern Gateway pipeline fate

Joan Crockett won the Conservative nomination for Calgary-Centre. That wasn’t what interested me – what was interesting was reading in this op-ed how nervous those Conservatives are about the fate of the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Some exhibits of that include Joan Crockett herself:

“Alberta needs some friends..We need to get out the message about our industry to Ontario, to the rest of Canada…We are looking after our environment …we’re proud of what we are contributing to the national scene,” ”

…and the others said stuff like “Harper can’t carry the file alone.”, or “we need to tell our story better.” or taking potshots at Mulclair and the NDP, calling them […]


Should the religious left be as active as the religious right has been?

I wondered about that question as I read Ric Salutin’s op-ed on the United Church resolution to encourage their members not to buy goods produced from Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

I was interested in the column, but I was struck by this part that Salutin said:

United churchpeople may find more encouragement in a National Post editorial that said they’d chosen “to put politics ahead of matters of faith. Indeed, it is getting harder to tell where the church ends and a budding left-wing political party begins.” I’d take that as encouragement if I were them. Politics is part of religion. Like Jesus, who drove the money-changers and […]


2 ironies here with Republican Todd Akin

Todd Akin, if you’re not aware, is the Republican candidate for Missouri Senate. He is now infamously quoted as having said this in an interview on Sunday:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

First irony – this photo:


2nd irony: everyone is calling on the Republican nominee to step down.. including those on the mainstream Republican right, horrified they might lose their best chance at a US Senate seat pickup, but if Akin […]


Some media moaning about ‘anonymous bloggers’

I don’t tend to do “media bashing” on here a lot, particularly of Canadian media. I’ve met quite a few of them, from all sides of the media spectrum, either at blogging events or at leadership conventions (from the Sun, from the National Post, from the Globe and Mail, from Macleans, and from the Star). In general, there is not a “blogger-journalist” rivalry as pronounced as we have seen in the United States, or “New Media vs Mainstream Media” etc. Most of us get along fine with each other.

I’m not about to engage in a lot of it, but I saw a column from David Akin of Sun Media […]


US Politics – Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. Democrats applaud

So it’s official, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, has chosen US Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

You don’t know much about Paul Ryan? He’s viewed as an ideological right-wing Congressman, who would be supported by those folks known as the Tea Party faction in the US. How ideological is he? One of his pet projects is to privatize US Social Security. He proposed to privatize US Social Security in 2005, and the George Bush administration rejected his plan. When a Republican like Bush is rejecting your plan as being too radical, you know you’re way out there on the fringe – which is exactly why the Tea […]


Harper tells a good joke.

That Stephen Harper – who knew he could be a comedian at times? Just look at the funny lines he told reporters in the last couple of days:

“Decisions on these kinds of projects are made through an independent evaluation conducted by scientists into the economic costs and risks that are associated with the project,” Harper told reporters. “That’s how we conduct our business.”

Haha.. this Conservative government bases its decisions on scientific assessments? That’s a good one, Stephen.. had me cracking up here reading it. You can read the column I’ve quoted for the list of definitely unscientific decisions taken by this bunch.

It would be a lot more […]


Hard to talk politics with the Olympics on? I know the feeling

I’ve been kind of lax with political stuff on here of late, but when it’s summer recess for Parliament, and the Olympics are on, I find it extremely hard to write about anything political or socially oriented during this time frame. Call it shallow if you like, but of course, it’s my choice whether I write something or not, and your choice if you read here or not, so I think I’m allowed ;).

Some things of interest for me: The Australians are so irate at how their national swim team “failed” at the Olympics, they’re holding an independent inquiry to figure out how to fix it. I put “fail” […]

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