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  1. stan

    Why would you need both provincial and federal reviews?
    Seems odd.

    And thanks for the laughs about the left and science, at some point even the loonly left will have to admit their AGW scam is just that, a scam, and not based in any way on real science.

    I see those polar bears are doing fine now.

  2. Stan

    Anyone dumb enough to take Thomas Walkom seriously is beyond hope.
    Or anything else in the Red Star for that matter…..

  3. rockfish

    Billg must have been resting on that ancient petard for a long time… What a chestnut. Doesn’t change Harper’s faux defence of science, not after all the gutting and muzzling. Enbridge scientists, perhaps. Maybe they’ve got some news on the evolution of running shoes, while their at it.
    And all the while, the brain drain from Canada’s scientific community is deafening. Although it isn’t loud enough to silence the wincing from the ethic drain that has overtaken Ottawa since 2006…

  4. [email protected]

    To billg,
    Harper listens to no one—–even his appointed ministers are terrified to challenge him.His temper is fierce and he carries grudges to the extreme.

  5. billg

    As compared to every other govt?
    What about the Cod stock on the East Coast the Liberal govt was warned about for a decade? What about the Asbestos mines in Quebec? There are decades old pipelines strewn throughout Canada long before Harper was PM, and, there were and still are 100’s of Oil Tankers off the shores of the great lakes. Guess the people living on the great lakes or near those pipelines are a different class then the ones in BC.
    The point is, yes, Govt’s listen to Scientists when it suits them, all govts of all stripes, and, they weigh the economic pros and cons. That your pretending this is the first govt to do so is naive.

    • Beerbob

      Well, that’s alright then.

      It’s just depressing hearing things like that.

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