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On Justin Trudeau

I thought this might deserve its own blogpost column. I was asked by a Liberal friend (who has been involved with organizing other Liberal leadership campaigns) what I thought of Justin Trudeau if/when he decided to run, and whether I’d support him.

It was done in the backdrop of that aforementioned Forum poll result, so I mentioned the same thing to him I just said on here; one poll 3 years out does not a Liberal government make, or a good leader, or the right leader for that matter. I’m withholding judgement til I see who else jumps in. That all said, if everything is about personality and charisma these […]


Polls on Liberal (would-be) contenders and NDP leads.

You might have seen a poll out in the past couple of days from Forum Research stating that if Justin Trudeau became Liberal Party leader, he’d receive 39% of the vote, Stephen Harper’s CPC getting 32% and the NDP reverting back to their long held 3rd party status with 20%. You might have also seen an Environics poll out as well that showed the NDP in the national lead with 35%, CPC at 31%, and the Liberals with the 20% that they’ve held basically since Election Day in 2011.

In both instances, they are interesting snapshots of the Canadian public, but in both cases, we’re a little under 3 years […]


The aftermath of M312 – for Liberals that is – and the case for primaries.

Motion 312 – The motion by Conservative MP backbencher Stephen Woodsworth asking for the House to re-open the study of when life begins – was defeated this evening by a vote of 203 – 91.

Among those 91 in favor of it were 4 Liberals – well known pro-life Liberals. The Liberal Party always has had a caucus of pro-life folks with social conservative views; that’s not surprising when you get a centrist party.. nor is it surprising they would vote the way they did, when it was decided by the Liberals it would be a ‘free vote’.

That said, I wonder if those 4 Liberals’ riding associations/Liberal Party […]


A US election prediction

Hardly going on a limb here, I don’t think.. but let me just say that unless something drastic happens (i.e Obama somehow does a disastrous debate or 2), I think Obama is cruising to re-election. He may not win the national popular vote by much, and he may not win as many electoral college votes as he did in 2008, but in the swing states that matter, he will win more then enough it appears, and in some cases win by good margins. Mitt Romney can’t seem to go a week without putting his foot in his mouth; he at times has proceeded to put both feet in his mouth […]


47 %’ers

There’s a big hubbub in the US over the leaked Mitt Romney tape from a private fundraiser earlier this year, where he disparages 47% of the US people who support Obama as being dependent on handouts, etc. He’ taking yet more flak over it.

Personally, I think it’s good this was released. Now, everyone sees Romney for what he is and how he would act if President, (not just wondering what he’d be like, since he’s tried to be as opaque and shape-shifter like as possible) and it will give the far-right wingers – who’ve all been applauding this by the way and agreeing with it-, a chance to see […]


Good move by the Conservatives (no this title is not a typo) on Senate Reform

Yes, I’m going to give Harper credit on something this morning, and that is the apparent decision to refer the Government’s proposed Senate reform bill to the Supreme Court of Canada, and ask the High Court for their decision on whether its constitutionally valid or not:

Since 2006, the Conservative government has called for all new senators to be selected through provincial elections and to serve under a fixed term, with the latest version of the legislation proposing a nine-year mandate…experts said they feel it is appropriate to check on the constitutionality of the Senate reforms before they are put into place, instead of passing the legislation and then letting […]


There is no BC Liberal Party..

…there is apparently just a party pretending to be Conservative-lite using that particular name.

Faced with continuing dreadful poll numbers, BC Premier Christy Clark has decided to postpone the Fall Sitting of the legislature and won’t recall it till probably February 2013. That means the legislature will not have sat for 9 months by the time it gets recalled.

Apparently, Premier Clark has decided that if the Federal Conservative Party can get a minor poll boost from not having Parliament sit in session.. 9 months ought to do her party the trick.

I’m not sure what has happened to the BC Liberal Party, but it is not a Liberal Party […]


RIP Peter Lougheed

I remember Peter Lougheed mainly as a young boy interested in politics sparring with Pierre Trudeau over the Constitution and to a lesser extent the National Energy Program. I now see him as what a traditional “Progressive’ Conservative would look like – taking the oil revenues he raised and putting a large chuck of that into social programs, infrastructure and so on. He also recently in the past year or two decried the rapid tar-sand expansion that was taking place at all costs, without thinking through the consequences. There aren’t enough of his kind in today’s Conservative Party, that is for certain.


Quebec court makes Vic Toews very mad.

As you might have read, a Quebec Superior Court ruled that Ottawa must hand over gun registry data pertaining to Quebec over to the province, so it can help start up its own provincial gun registry:

In his decision, considered a victory for Quebec, Judge Marc-André Blanchard said the registry was created in a collaboration between governments and that Ottawa can’t destroy the data on its own. “There is a complex web between the federal, provincial and municipal authorities that wove the firearms registry, which means that it could not have existed without the close and constant co-operation of everyone,” Blanchard wrote.

You can be assured the Conservative government will […]


Ontario voters wake up today to what they had yesterday, (sort of).

Forum Research, the polling company, must be feeling pretty good today. Their opinion polls released the day before the 2 by-elections held more or less accurate. The Liberals held Vaughan, and in a surprise upset, the NDP, who last held the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo back in 1943 when it was then known as the CCF, came from third place to win rather handily over the Conservative and Liberal candidates.

SO what does that say to me? A few observations:

– I’m not the only one who is pleased to see Turncoat Tony Genco, who ran to and for the Conservatives both federally and provincially after running for the federal Liberals […]

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