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Quebec – good, bad and very ugly.

We had all 3 in last night’s Quebec provincial election. The bad news if you’re a Canadian federalist is the PQ won, and that Liberal Premier Jean Charest lost his seat. The good news is the PQ only won a slim minority (54-50-19-2 as of this AM), and the Liberals did not get as badly trounced as many polls had predicted – they did surprisingly well. (Don’t expect a CAQ/Liberal coalition government however; as the CAQ leader had ruled out doing that with any party during the campaign).

The ugly is that there was a shooting last night at Pauline Marois’s victory speech. 1 person was killed, another injured, and […]


Ontario Provincial Byelection stuff – Kitchener Waterloo Liberal stuff I dislike

For the record: I’m a card carrying federal Liberal (and remain so, despite the trouble the party is facing right now). I have BEEN an Ontario provincial card-carrying Liberal until recently, when I let it lapse because I wasn’t impressed with their tactics regarding the budget omnibus bill and the weakening of environmental laws – I called it a very Harper-like tactic.

They’re doing more of this Harper-like stuff in Kitchener-Waterloo’s byelection, and like this local Liberal blogger, I’m again not impressed.. more Harper-like stuff.

I don’t live and can’t vote in that riding, but I can entirely empathize with him for speaking out and proclaiming he’s not voting […]


The Clint Eastwood Speech at the RNC figured out.

If you follow politics and more specifically follow American Politics.. you know the talk lately has been the quirky offbeat speech that actor Clint Eastwood gave at the Republican National Convention – specifically addressing an empty chair pretending President Obama was sitting there while attempting to go “Dirty Harry” on him.

I think I see the method to Clint’s madness though. All I’ve seen since that appearance are the ads/commercials for his latest film “CurveBall” in a couple of weeks, about a baseball scout slowly losing his ability as he ages.

If you think about it, this was perfect publicity: put forward a uh, “attention-getting” speech at the RNC, […]

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