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  1. MoS

    And, to add to Romney’s woes, Bloomberg has endorsed Obama as the best guy to tackle climate change after NYC got hammered by Sandy. I wonder if the Republican firms that control the electronic voting machines are busy at work.

  2. JamesF

    Yeah, Republicans boosters are looking more and more desperate by the day. Case in point the U.S. conservative pundocracy has been getting snippity at Nate Silver. They’re basically disparaging anyone that says anything that doesn’t declare that Mitt has momentum.

    They kind of remind me of Democrats in the final leg of Bush vs. Kerry… except more shrill and spiteful.

  3. Grant

    Ahhhh….polls. Not that pollsters have been taking a beating lately or anything.

    • Scott Tribe

      Well, there will be a beating on Nov 6th. Either Gallup and Rasmussen will be proven right (if their polls that continue to show leads for Romney holds) and everyone else wrong, or else it will be shown their “likely voter screens” and trying to weight by party affiliation are out to lunch.

      Best thing to do is check the last state and national polls on the day of the election, (plus the electoral college predictors), put them in a column, and compare them to the actual results (and I may just do that the next day – most accurate to least).

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