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Shameful: Conservatives defeat Bill C-398

Bill C-398 was designed to help improve a law passed in 2004 that was to ensure the poor in the Third-World, primarily Africa, would have better access to anti-AIDS/HIV drugs – in the form of generic drug companies. A version of this was passed last year (but died in the Senate because of the 2011 election being called), and was re-introduced. At the time, 24 Conservatives voted for it. This time, only 7 did.. with many others either not there or decided to switch their vote – no doubt under pressure from the Conservative government (free votes on private member bills are not so free when the Conservative government opposes […]


Ontario Liberal Party Convention: blogging opportunities?

BigCityLib asked about this last month. I’ve put forth an inquiry to someone I know up in Toronto Liberal HQ about whether the access that the NDP provided us bloggers (of all political stripes) will be replicated at the Ontario Liberal Party Convention.. (that hopefully includes the access we had there.. and not the costs the federal cousins wanted to do for the privilege of attending with less access a year or 2 back).

As soon as I know, I’ll let you all know.


In Calgary-Centre, Unite the Left may not have worked.

There will be some who feel that if the anti-CPC vote had coalesced around 1 candidate last night, Joan Crockett might not be going to Ottawa, which she narrowly did over Liberal Harvey Locke. In fact, 63% of those who did vote (and it was a rather pathetic 29% turnout, the worst of the 3 ridings) voted against her and the CPC.

I’m not so sure that would be the case. If a lot of the disgruntled “Red Tory” or “Alison Redford” voters went to the Greens.. there’s no guarantee they would have gone to the Liberals. Would Liberal voters have voted Green if Turner was the sole candidate? […]


I don’t like this particular bunch in government either, Justin

Sun News has decided it needs to help Joan Crockett, the CPC candidate in Calgary Centre’s by-election, from suffering an embarrassing loss for the Conservatives, so it dredged up a 2 year old Justin Trudeau quote about him not liking Albertans running the country, and succeeded in getting some of the rest of the Canadian media to go along with the howling about whether Trudeau should be apologizing for this or not.

Personally, I feel there are several Albertan conservative political types who would be fine running the country- Joe Clark for example, or Alison Redford. I’d disagree with a lot of what they’d do, but they are far more […]


Kathleen Wynne’s responses to my questions

Kathleen Wynne and her team have sent in their responses to my questions for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership, and again, I will re-post them verbatim (and just a note: I’m not going to be passing along any commentary on any of these until I receive all of them – or all that I get. I’ll leave the commentary to you folks and then perhaps sum up my thoughts once they are all in and I get a chance to compare them). I thank Ms. Wynne for sending these in.

There are many candidates running to be the Ontario Liberal Party leader. What do you feel makes you best qualified […]


Sandra Pupatello replies first to my set of questions

The first of the Ontario Liberal candidates to respond to the questions I sent off to them/their campaigns has responded; that honour goes to Sandra Pupatello. I was actually sent these answers to me on Saturday, but they sent it to an outdated Progressive Bloggers email account, else I’d have posted it last evening. I’ve learned however their campaign also does due diligence, as I was asked today (out of the blue) if I’d seen them yet, and when I explained I hadn’t, the campaign immediately forwarded the replies to my proper email address.. so bonus marks for that.

I submitted these questions to Ms. Pupatello in written format (as […]


Scorecard Update on Ontario Liberal Party candidates answering questions.

So I’ve had four people from four different campaigns ask me to send out the little questionnaire I’ve prepared to their candidate who is running in the Ontario Liberal Party race: that would be Sandra Pupatello’s campaign, Gerard Kennedy’s, Charles Sousa, and Kathleen Wynne. I’ve not yet heard back from Eric Hoskin’s campaign, or Glen Murray’s (some of that due to the fact I’m not yet aware who is running the latter two’s social media/P.R campaign, else I’d have fired off an email myself).

They’re all at various stages of planning and such, so I was told in some cases it may be a week or 2 or perhaps a […]


Random mid-week thoughts

– You may have seen that Quebecor has decided to cut 500 jobs at SunMedia, as well as a plan of instituting paywalls at their papers. So, with that, all the major newspaper chains in Canada have decided paywalls is the panacea to their various issues on revenue (The other media TV outlets like the CTV site, or CBC remain free to view). Colour me a tad skeptical that people who don’t feel the papers are worth buying to read in print are going to suddenly turn around and start paying for the privilege of seeing an Ezra Levant rant, and so on. I suppose it depends on the various […]


There are now 2000 candidates for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership.. what are their policies?

Ok.. so I’m exaggerating.. but it sure seems that way. It also seems like the entire provincial cabinet has resigned so they can enter the race. Two more have entered today, or are about to enter – Charles Sousa – Former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and Eric Hoskins, former Children and Youth Services. I’ve also seen reports on Twitter that Gerard Kennedy, who has been involved in Ontario politics before and of course was a federal Liberal MP, is now going to be entering the race on Monday. Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne are already in the race as is Sandra Pupatello (the apparent front-runner, according to the Toronto […]


President Obama re-elected, and the geeks with their models got it right.

President Obama won a tough battle last night over Mitt Romney and has been re-elected to President of the United States. In the electoral count, it will end up (after Florida gets declared this morning) a total of 332-206 Obama.. which was 29 more then I thought he’d get, as I wasn’t expecting Florida to go Obama’s way.

If you take a look at that electoral map, here’s something worth considering: Obama was widely considered to have a comfortable margin in polling before the first debate in Denver. He had a poor debate, when he let Mitt Romney go unchallenged on main points. It allowed Romney back in the […]

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