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Is Harper stubborn enough to create a martyr?

Chief Teresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nations is into her third week of her hunger strike. Her chief demand has NOT been for a personal meeting with Harper, as some are claiming (both friends and opponents) but:

Spence launched her protest with a vow to “die” unless the Conservative government started showing more respect to First Nations concerns and aboriginal treaties. She is demanding a meeting between the Crown, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nations leaders to create a new relationship.

That has been reiterated in a tweet by Bob Rae this AM:

Chief Spence has made it clear to me in our conversations she is NOT […]


Merry Christmas to all..

A Very Merry Christmas from me to all of you, my readers. May it bring happiness to you, or make things a little less sad.

And.. if you’re down from this holiday season because of the commercialism and such.. just go watch “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and look for and remember this line, and take it to heart:

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas . . . perhaps . . . means a little bit more.”


Blogging conference call with Kathleen Wynne – Ontario Liberal Leadership hopeful.

In the last week, Kathleen Wynne’s campaign team sent out inquiries to several Liberal bloggers (up to 15 I believe) asking us if we’d like to participate in a Liberal blogger conference call with them, to ask questions of Ms. Wynne and to hear some of her pitches (that wins her a gold star from me that she and her campaign came to us bloggers to ask us if we’d like to participate/ask her questions).

In the end, several of us were on the call. She briefly went over her press release of her proposals for Ontario Liberal Party renewal (we all got the PDF for it; I’ll post it […]


A comparison of car regulations vs gun regulations

I saw this on Facebook from a friend:

It was made by the “Occupy” movement in the US, and obviously is most relevant to them, but with what has been going on up here in Canada of late with a pro-gun /anti-gun regulation Conservative government, and their actions/attempts/considerations at weakening gun control laws and/or gun regulations, I thought it would be good to see the comparisons, to see where Canada currently stacks up.

If anyone honestly can argue that the regulations on the right that the Occupy folks would like to see on guns isn’t reasonable, be it in the US or Canada, I’d like to see the argument.




There are 300 million guns in the US, by some estimates. As one person said online, if a proliferation of guns means society is safer, as those in the NRA and other pro-gun organizations claim, then the US should be one of the safest places in the world. There are more guns in the US then there are people. Logic dictates when you have that many weapons, they are going to fall into the hands of a crazy person. For example, what was the mother of the reported killer doing with a registered assault rifle, + a Glock pistol and a Sig Sauer? It was her guns he used at […]


Back up! Some Ontario Liberal stuff

We had some downtime here due to a server upgrade last evening and this am, but I’m back now.

Some brief news on the Ontario Liberal leadership convention. I again sent out an inquiry to some of my OLP contacts asking if they’d heard yet whether the party would be accrediting and accepting bloggers there to cover the convention or not.. and still no decision been made; either they’re unsure about letting us rabble in, or they have other bigger stuff on their plate that they need to get out of the way.

Either way.. I was told they would discuss it shortly. I am hopeful that they will, […]


Weekend thoughts on the F35, Chinese/Malaysian takeover of tarsand companies

Suddenly and simultaneously, some controversial things have popped up on the Conservative government’s watch.

The F35 Debacle. Well, that’s been a debacle for awhile, but it’s now too much of one for even the Conservatives to ignore. It is reported that they have cancelled the exclusive sole-source contract for the Stealth Fighter jet/bomber and will revert back to an open competition amongst several different fighter planes. That may happen after an independent accounting firm reported the jets will now cost over 40 billion $… way over what the Conservatives claimed it would be.

You may remember the reason we had an election in 2011 was because the Conservatives refused to […]


Charles Sousa’s replies to my 5 questions

Well, a bit of a mini-flood, as on the heels of Eric Hoskins replies to me yesterday, Charles Sousa and his team have sent in their responses to my 5 questions for the Ontario Liberal leadership candidates (Again, here are Eric’s, Kathleen Wynne, and Sandra Pupatello’s answers/responses for comparison).

As usual, no commentary from me on the answers til I’ve given the other candidates every chance to reply. The Kennedy team had promised me something, no indication from Glen Murray, and I havent had the opportunity to try sending these to the late candidate into the race, Harinder Takhar, because I frankly don’t know who I should be sending the […]


Eric Hoskins – next to respond to my 5 questions for the OLP leadership candidates

I received these answers from Eric and his campaign staff this afternoon to the questions I submittted to him and the other candidates (you can see Kathleen Wynne’s and Sandra Pupatello’s for comparing answers). As with the others, I’ve reposted these answers verbatim as I received them, and will be withholding comment on these and the others till all answers are received (or when I decide I’m not getting any from the other candidates)

I thank Eric and his campaign for taking the time to answer these questions

——- (1) There are many candidates running to be the Ontario Liberal Party leader. What do you feel makes you best qualified […]

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