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  1. ADHR

    This is actually interesting. I’d still want to know what “support” amounts to — is it lip service, financial, or what? — but it’s interesting.

    I’m a mite concerned about giving the TTC to Metrolinx, though. Metrolinx has had some bad stumbles recently (threatening to turn the LRT lines over to a private operator, for example, before backing off), and the TTC has been running transit in Toronto for decades. That sort of institutional knowledge and experience is precious and shouldn’t be casually discarded. I also wonder if Toronto would still be required to give funding to transit, while having no control over how Metrolinx manages the system.

    That is nit-picking, though. I’m still not inclined to vote Liberal — I’ve seen too many nice promises turn to nothing — but if Sousa gets in and builds a decent track record, it’s possible he’ll change my mind.

  2. William Norman

    Thanks for posting Scott!

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