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  1. Stan

    Why do you nuts on the left refer to the oil sands as tar sands?
    Tar comes from pine trees, to suggest otherwise simply illustrates your basic dishonesty.
    And the weakness of your argument!

  2. Observer

    Just a side note, but it wasn’t the “voting system” that was splitting the votes “amongst the opposition”…it was the voters. And they did that because both left wing parties suck with neither having an consistent and compelling message.

    You guys need to stop crying about the fact that we have 3 major parties and blaming the voting system and start selecting better leaders who perhaps weren’t selected by anonymous backroom boys and maybe didn’t live outside the country for 29 years.

    It would also be nice if both party leaders and the grassroots actually had some principles they’d be willing to stick by for more than one election cycle.

    I realize that’s asking a lot.

  3. shadow12ea

    treasonass stephen & his cabal have sold Canada to a corrupt government, China. Why he did it is beyond me. I sure would like an explaination. All I can come up with is the old line of, “follow the money”. I don’t know who or if some one was paid off, but its the only conclusion I can come to.

    Canadians do not like the idea of a foreign government having this much control in Canada. The Chinese government is not known for its enviornmental high standards, its support for democracy, religion, fair wages, etc. it is know for its extreme suppression of any one who opposes them & their corrupt manner of doing business. Treasonass stephen just opened the door for them to come in & destroy this country. Not only has China been able to purchase the company but treasonass stephen signed a free trade deal with China which certainly is very secret & doesn’t leave much for democracy & openess. Then of course to cap things off, Vickie Towes decided the RCMP would have to follow orders & break the law if they are ordered to do so. Reminds me of what happened in Germany when Hitler took over.

    I do hope the citizens of Canada come to their senses & vote this bunch out of office & then try treasonass stephen for treason.

  4. kit

    There is no contract, according to CONS in the House, so how can they cancel the contract? DUH!!

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