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Very pleased to see this Blogger Accreditation thing finally happen for the OLP Convention.

I’m glad to see the money I spent on VIA Rail tickets was not in vain (of course, they have to accept my application as well).

If you’re a blogger – of any political stripe or non-partisan for that matter – send in your application. Your point of contact for this will be Bradley Hammond (email: [email protected]) to ask questions, etc. He will also be the liason for bloggers at the convention.

I spoke with him on the phone today and I’m encouraged but what I heard. I’m a little concerned that there may not be as many bloggers there as I’d like to see.. because space is limited, but there’s no firm target # on it.. so just apply and hope for the best they can accommodate the worthy applications (and if you live in the Toronto area and are rejected.. I can come and visit you to have a drink or a visit when I need to get out of there for a break 🙂 )

I have also encouraged again, by the way, that not just Liberal-aligned bloggers be invited. I’ve said that to Christine Mcmillan and I’ve repeated that to Bradley Hammond.. it will show the OLP is able to tolerate alternate points of view. I was given a fair hearing on that, I think.

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