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And then there were 8.

George Takach decided to withdraw from the Liberal Leadership Race and throw his support to Justin Trudeau yesterday:

Takach, who called himself the “technology candidate,” had acknowledged that he was a dark-horse contestant, not well-known even in Liberal circles. And he had said in interviews he was only in the race because the Liberals had opened up voting to non-members…But as the deadline for registering to vote approaches within the next week, Takach apparently decided he hadn’t amassed enough support to make the full run

There are those who say his withdrawal is due to the last part – lack of support translating into his campaign had run out of […]


My brief take on the Ontario Throne Speech

Briefly – Wynne and the Liberals sounded conciliatory, the NDP said it would support the Throne Spech and subsequent budget, provided the Liberals give them some goodies, and Tim Hudak and the Conservatives instantly marginalized themselves by already declaring they’re voting against anything the Liberals may bring forward, without any hint of trying to work at getting some compromises for their policy positions (did I mention I think Hudak’s proposal on student loans is a stupid one? No votes for him from students/parents on that policy, I don’t think).

As for Wynne and the Liberals, they would do well to read and take Thomas Walkom’s advice on how they can […]


Another Liberal debate – JT came out of it smelling like roses

Another in the series of Liberal debates happened on the weekend. As you might have heard, Martha Hall Findlay decided to go after Justin Trudeau on the question of privilege and class – whether someone who’s been privileged as Justin Trudeau has been can actually speak for the middle class was the premise of the question.

Quite frankly, the way it was put came out rather classless, but it was apparent Mr. Trudeau was anticipating it – as he turned it into a passionate defense of what he stands for. MHF would later give a “sorta apology” for the question – such was the blow-back on it which more or […]


Political Bits and Bites

– It was a historic event for Kathleen Wynne being sworn in as the first female Premier. A pity that a lot of the MPP’s decided not to attend. The attacks on NDP leader Andrea Horwath for not attending (and only 4 of her 19 MPP’s showing up) from some provincial Liberals and supporters rings a bit hollow however when half of her own backbench MPP’s didn’t decide it was worth attending either. That may be defeat hangover from the OLP Convention – and let’s face it, most MPP’s supported another candidate, the majority of that being for Pupatello. That’s an ominous sign, and Premier Wynne will need to put […]


Yet another Senate reform blogpost

Ideas to reform the Senate seem to be the Canadian version of the Holy Grail. This week, you’ve seen not calls for reform, but calls to abolish it with the behaviors coming to light of a couple of Harper-appointed Conservative Senators in the form of Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau.

I’m against abolition – I think the Senate can perform its constitutionally designated role – representing the provinces/regions equally (edit: and acting as a chamber of sober second thought), if it was given some legitimacy and the patronage appointment power of the Prime Minister (or technically the Governor-General) removed. Of course, that means I’m for electing the Senators, but you […]


Why did Harper appoint Brazeau to the Senate? Political gain of course

You may have heard that Senator Patrick Brazeau was arrested on a charge of domestic violence in the last day and that within hours of that news, Prime Minister Harper booted him out of the Conservative caucus;this comes fast on the news he “allegedly listed his mailing address as that of his ex-father-in-law’s house to gain an aboriginal tax exemption” .

This pick was fraught with controversy from the start, but as usual, it was done by Harper to try and score political points; a symbolic pick towards the First Nations people, and picking someone who he hoped would be the spokesperson for those issues with a Conservative bent. If […]


Bloggers will be accredited for the April 6 Federal Liberal Showcase in Toronto

I’ve been told that by a good source -in his words:

I’m told bloggers can use the media inquiry page to register for the showcase (Ed Note: the April 6 Event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center) event, and language about bloggers should be up shortly…No cost, you’re registering as media. I don’t know how many, etc. Sarah Bain’s info is in the form;I’d suggest her as the for more info..

The media accreditation form of which he refers to is at this link:

I’ve already sent in my application, plus an inquiry on when the last day to register for accreditation is, whether or not they intend to […]


6 Questions Submitted To Several Liberal Leadership Teams

I got the questions finished last night and have submitted them to people I know on 4 of the campaigns: George Takach, Marc Garneau, Deborah Coyne and Joyce Murray.

I’m still looking around trying to find out who to talk to on the Justin Trudeau/Martha Hall Findlay /David Bertschi/Martin Cauchon/Karen McCrimmon teams as to who to submit these 6 Questions for the leader candidates to respond to (if they so choose to answer, of course -that would be noted on the blog and the aggregates it goes to as well).

If any on those teams or in the know would like to direct me to who I’d submit these […]


A look ahead

So after a successful OLP Convention where several bloggers were accredited (and others were blogging as delegates and alternates), here’s a brief look ahead at where I hope to be social media and blogging:

-I’m finishing up with drafting the final questions to submit to the Federal Liberal Leadership candidates, as I did with the provincial Liberal leadership ones. I’ll probably get them done tomorrow, as the Federal Liberal Candidates are taking one on one interviews in Winnipeg, and I’d like to see what they get asked… as I’m trying to formulate 5 6 unique questions for them, but which can be answered by all so we can all compare […]

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