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  1. Gayle

    This may look good in theory but it does ensure under-represented provinces in the Senate have reduced power.

    I have long said that the way Harper is doing his senate “reform” hurts Alberta, whose population justifies more senators, but that will not happen without a constitutional amendment. Democratizing the upper chamber before dealing with the inequality in representation gives too much power to Ontario and Quebec.

    I don’t believe Harper ever intends on enacting any of his provisions anyway. He’s just making noise to get the masses to donate. If he was serious about this he would have done this reference to the SCC in 2006.

  2. Dan F

    The problem with the Senate is not the institution, but the nature of the individual who has now appointed the majority of the sitting Senate. If we are so fortunate as to elect a Competent, Thoughtful, Progressive Prime Minister in the future, over time we will see the quality of our Senate rise significantly, to the point where this is no longer a problem.

    • Scott Tribe

      Actually Dan, I disagree; the problem is EXACTLY the institution. It is undemocratic and was designed that way on purpose.. patronage appointments and who gets selected to the Senate has been a bane since Confederation.

      For all that I admire Pierre Trudeau (and he’s the reason I was inspired to like politics by how he repatriated the Constitution as a pre-teen boy in 1982, his slew of plum/patronage appointments is the reason Turner got defeated by Mulroney; who then proceeded of course to expand the patronage beyond what Trudeau ever did – even appointing extra Senators in an effort to pass the GST.

      You say that a future Progressive Prime Minister would make better choices ? I disagree with that Prime Minister even doing appointments to begin with… and there is always the fact that another PM will come along who will again abuse it.

      No, the institution needs to be reformed and made accountable and electable.

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