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  1. Kirbycairo

    I concur, it was in rather poor taste for a number of members not to show up. However, I believe that since the Liberal Education bill was, in fact, wildly illegal (as demonstrated by the SCofC case HEU vs BC ) and that the Liberals knew full well that it is illegal and that it will eventually be overturned by the SCofC after costing the Teachers and the Province millions of dollars, one could make the argument that a leader that has displayed such contempt for the law and the institutions of our democracy deserves little respect in return. (I have actually heard a number of Liberal lawyers who have admitted in confidence that the Bill was illegal and that the Leadership knew that when they enacted it.)

    This brings us to the electoral reforms. I agree that the Senate is a sideshow since everyone knows that it is very difficult to reform or abolish. Such a discourse is a good way to distract people from the serious need to reform our overall electoral system and the processes in the House. One such reform that speaks to the subject above is the existence of an actually independent speaker who can (like a chair in Robert’s Rules) rule a piece of proposed legislation out of order. (This would have allowed us to avoid the entire issue of the illegal education act in Ontario)

    As for sexism, it is alive and well, and getting exhausting. Much like the apparently acceptable racism against First Nations People in Canada, anti-women rhetoric seems to be everywhere and showing little sign of letting up.

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