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Hate to say this.. but things like this happen in 3’s, it seems

Former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 70 – not unexpected, as media reported a couple of weeks back that his condition was grave. Now,we have word that Peter Kormos, former NDP MPP for Niagara/Welland, passed away this AM suddenly at the age of 60.

Kinda dreading the news for the next couple of days.

(Both men were not similar in their politics, but very similar in that they weren’t boring. Condolences to all those who know both of them.)


A non-endorsement in the LPC Leadership race.

I’m still a neutral in this Liberal Leadership race, and haven’t decided yet who I’ll vote for and in what order, but I can certainly tell you who isn’t going to be on my voting ballot – Martha Hall Findlay.

Yes, she represents (or tries to represent) the centre-right in the Liberal Party, and there needs to be a conduit for those views, but she went over the line when she openly said Joyce Murray should be running for the leadership of another party due to her cooperation views with other parties – a tactic that led to the most unusual step of Liberal MP’s openly being critical of MHF […]


What thousands of (Tundra) swans sound like

A slightly different blogpost today then I usually do. It’s about Swans. Tundra Swans to be exact.. and thousands of them;

There may be other types of swans or geese in that gaggle, but the calls they’re making indicate this is a large flock of Tundra swans. This is in a farmer’s field just north of Tillsonburg.. Lots of people slowing down or stopping to get out and look or take pictures.



Fair Vote Canada’s out to lunch on Ranked Ballot Initiative, treatment of its own members who support it.

I’ve shared some common ground with Fair Vote Canada over the past few years, because I support electoral reform to our electoral system, as they do, and I generally believe a form of Proportional Representation is a good system to have to cure what ails our current Parliamentary system, as they do.

However, several failed referendums later (with only 1 being close in BC, and that regressed a couple of years later) , it’s rather clear to me and a lot of other reformers that Canadians simply do not have the appetite right now, if ever, for such a radical change to their voting system. I’ve been on record […]


Google Reader’s closing also about to close BANPC

The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians (BANPC for short) was started in April 2005, 3 months before Progressive Bloggers started. It may be the 2nd oldest blogging aggregator currently out there (The Blogging Tories was created before them), but sadly, as of July 1, when Google Reader gets shut down, James Bow, the creator and longtime administrator of the site, says BANPC will go too.

You might think it’s not a big deal, but blogging aggregators were created to allow ease of use in finding blogs – and in some cases likeminded bloggers – to read.. rather then randomly trying to search them out. I know James has cited decreasing […]


If Garneau is conceding, what of the others?

There were a lot of other LPC leadership contenders I’d have thought would concede the race a lot sooner then Marc Garneau did – those folks who didn’t even have a hope of winning. If Garneau is gone and declared the race over (which I think most everyone was anyhow, other then a couple of wishful thinking columns), then I’m not sure that there’s much benefit to them staying in the race.

Of course, this isn’t exactly great news for the Liberal Party and its Showcase event. There may not be much of an event at this rate… which doesn’t thrill the LPC trying to sell those rather heavily […]


Blogger accreditation for the LPC Showcase is confirmed (& I’m confirmed going).

I had an email from the Liberal Party of Canada arrive in my mailbox today to those “independent bloggers” who expressed interested in covering the event. Basically, it confirmed that’s happening, and to send in our blog name/organization so they could view it and see if we’re “legitimate”.

I’ve done so, and I’m one of those accredited and going to observe the Showcase. BigCityLib is another. I’m sure others will follow.. though I’m not sure how many they’ll be confirming.

My understanding also is.. for those who have not yet applied for accreditation or expressed initial interest, you can still do so. Deadline for that is April 1.



Joyce Murray and her supporters can’t be ignored with a good vote result

A nice article by Tim Harper on Liberal Leadership candidate Joyce Murray can be found here. There seems to be a growing impression Ms. Murray will do well in voting in the Liberal leadership race (relatively speaking, considering how many supporters Justin Trudeau has signed up).

Now, I’ll say again that I’m still neutral on what candidate I’d vote for (and I do have a vote, as I registered awhile back), and quite frankly, I’m not in total agreement with Ms. Murray on electoral reform, specifically that we should be trying to push proportional representation. It’s good in principle, but I think that Canadians have shown they have no appetite […]


Could be just me…

….but Tim Hudak seems like an angry guy these days. The modus operandi of the Ontario PC leader seems to be to “attack” everyone and everything these days as a way to try to get himself elected – an angrier version of ex-Premier Mike Harris, if you will.

Polls seem to indicate (though I’d like to see more then one pollster saying this) that Ontario voters so far like Premier Wynne’s style, and are willing to give her a chance – not angry Tim, though. He wants to go now!

There is only so much of a base for anger. Come off too angry, and a plurality of voters […]


Deborah Coyne is the 1st to answer 6 questions.

A couple of weeks back, as I did with the OLP candidates, I submitted a series of questions (6 of them) to the LPC leadership candidates, making it clear that answers would be posted to this blog, and by extension of being on the various aggregates, as well as active on Twitter and Facebook, all over the internet and the social media world in general. A couple of these were even suggested by some LPC members, when I solicited for what type of common questions they wanted the candidates to be asked. Some were rather provocative, and I included them, if only to see what we got for replies. The […]

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