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On advocacy groups supporting Joyce Murray

As mentioned, Sunday March 3, Midnight is the last day for supporters (or LPC members for that matter) to sign up with the intent of voting for the next Liberal leader. You may have seen elsewhere that some high profile organizations have been openly urging their membership to sign up as supporters and vote for leadership candidate Joyce Murray, as they support her stance on electoral cooperation in selected ridings to stop splitting the anti-CPC vote in an effort to oust the Conservatives using a united candidate in those ridings.

Leadnow has about 225,000 members. Avaaz has over 500 000 (they claim actually 688 000 Canadians are members on their […]


Your last day to sign up to elect the Liberal Leader: Sunday March 3.

Sunday March 3 is the last day you can sign up to become a “Supporter” of the federal Liberal Party of Canada and be eligible to vote for the new Liberal Leader.

The link for you to go register (for free) is here

Once you sign up, you will get further instructions on how/where/when to vote.

It’s not a perfect way I feel for voting; I think it can be improved upon; but its an attempt to allow all Canadians not affiliated with other parties to have a voice/vote/say in who they want to see run the LPC. I encourage you to participate in this democratic experiment.

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