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Wynne pulls back into a “tie” with the PC’s.

A new poll out this morning that should cheer the Ontario Liberal Party and the Premier, Kathleen Wynne:

The Liberals and Conservatives are each at 36 per cent while the NDP has slipped further behind to 24 per cent, with Mike Schreiner’s Green Party at 4 per cent, according to the Forum Research survey for the Star

The key to that poll is that with concentration of voters, if it were to hold on an election day vote, the Ontario Liberals would be likely to win a majority government, despite the “tie” – one of the faults of a First Past The Post setup. The caveat to this poll is […]


Positive vs Negative (Ads)

As soon as Justin Trudeau won, the Conservative attack ads came out. Everyone knew they’d be coming, but they came out far earlier then they did after Dion and Ignatieff became Liberal leaders, hinting and indicating that the Conservatives are very concerned about Justin Trudeau, even 2 years out from the next election.

Debate has raged of course, whether JT’s declaration that he was going to stay positive would work or not. Some believe it to be needlessly unilaterally disarming themselves, others feel that Trudeau is already a known quantity and that this alone should allow him to resist the negative battering.

What we didn’t know however was whether the […]


Dumb move on Harper’s part: manages to equate JT and President Obama together as wimps on terror

I don’t normally blog this late, or on a Friday night.. but I couldn’t pass this up.

Tonight, the police managed to capture the 2nd suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing, which is important to find out what in the world caused these 2 to do what they did.

You may remember Harper and the Conservatives attacked Justin Trudeau for his wanting to know the “root causes” of the Boston Marathon attack (and Harper brought it up voluntarily in a foreign country, no less, an extremely crass politicizing of a tragedy.). You may hear more of that inflammatory rhetoric from them from on Monday when they debate their anti-terrorist […]


Congrats to JT; plus musings on attack ads & other things

Unless you’ve been away this weekend, you already know Justin Trudeau was overwhelmingly selected to be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada on Sunday. My congratulations to him, as well as the other candidates who ran for the post.

What might be next for him and the Liberal Party to do, strategy wise? He has up to a year and a half before the next election. There are already rumblings the Conservatives have their attack ads ready to go on him. They used those attack ads to define (negatively) Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, before they could define themselves to the Canadian public. Thomas Mulcair of the […]


A great person

I’ve been offline this week from the normal political/social stuff due to the passing of my last grandparent this past Monday. His funeral was today – someone I’m going to miss a lot, but who made something out of a difficult childhood to live a very good life

Stanley Richard Tribe, 1919-2013


An interesting Showcase Day

I thought I’d take a day to reflect on yesterday’s proceedings. Firstly, the Progressive Bloggers event was a success. A good turnout, with some special appearances by George Takach and Deborah Coyne

Now, onto the Showcase – the actual event. I’ve already detailed the power outlet issue, but what of the actual format itself?

First off – 25 mins per candidate per speech was far too long

Secondly, it was my perception that there was an odd atmosphere at this event. Hard for me to explain other then there wasn’t much excitement in the building, other then the first couple of rows where supporters of said candidate speaking crammed together […]


Hint to LPC: supply power to the tables you accredit bloggers for next time

I’m still at the Prog Blog meetup as I type this; we’ve had a good turnout so far with visits from George Takach (and unexpectedly a visit from Deborah Coyne), but I’m hearing rumblings from the bloggers already there at the LPC Showcase that the LPC has failed to provide any tables down there with power hookups to recharge laptops, etc.

I’d have thought that little detail might not get overlooked, but perhaps they were too concerned over the last month with the attendance numbers to have remembered that minor oversight.

I’m sure the journalists have power to their table/area, right?

This about tells you what you need to know […]


Joyce Murray submits her answers to my 6 questions

I will not lie; I’ve been very disappointed with the lackadaisical response from the LPC Leadership candidates to a series of questions I submitted to them for responding – not just mine but ones some Liberal card-carrying members/supporters wanted asked. It’s a far cry from the Ontario Liberal Leadership campaigns, whose candidates for the most part were very eager to submit responses and allow the Ontario Liberal net/grassroots see their views on social media. I would have thought I’d have at least gotten some from the “2nd tier” federal Liberal candidates looking for some exposure, but not a word from them either. I will grant that I’d have gotten response […]

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