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Wait: I thought the Conservative Party supported the troops?

Remember that? That same old tired refrain has come from this party since in power – trying to hold a monopoly on patriotism. That includes such episodes as the Afghan detainees and whether Canada knowingly handed them back to the Afghan government to be tortured; all such queries were met by “you hate the troops and love the Taliban!” smears, or a variant of that theme.

But when those troops come home? It doesn’t look like they love them so much:

At least one veterans group promises to campaign against the Harper Conservatives because of a stand taken by federal lawyers, who argue the country holds no extraordinary social obligation […]


Forum polls: looking grim for OLP in the byelections

New polling done by Forum released today shows the OLP may only be winning 1 seat of the five byelections this August 1:

The Progressive Conservatives are well ahead in two longtime Liberal strongholds — one in Toronto and the other former premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ottawa riding, according to a Forum Research poll…According to the survey of 689 Etobicoke—Lakeshore residents, Holyday has 47 per cent, Toronto city councillor Peter Milczyn, 40 per cent, NDP’s P.C. Choo, 7 per cent, Green candidate Angela Salewsky, 5 per cent and others, 1 per cent.. In Ottawa South, where 631 people were surveyed, 48 per cent supported Young, Fraser had 34 per cent, the […]


Don’t underestimate Jennifer Hollett in Toronto-Center

You may recognize/remember Jennifer Hollett from her MuchMusic VJ days. She has done more then that since then, including a stint as a contributor at CBC Newsworld (Connect with Mark Kelley), did some reporting with CBC Radio, and a ton of other stuff. She’s also a social media guru/geek (and I mean that in a good way). I’ve followed her on her Twitter account for awhile now.

Recently (well, recently to me; I remember I asked her on Twitter about it), she declared herself an NDP supporter; she was doing some social media stuff for their party not too long ago (and you’ll forgive me for not remembering what the […]


Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

…better known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, on their new arrival (still unnamed, they let it be known in their brief chat with the press they hadn’t decided on a name yet; for now he is a Prince of Cambridge):

Best picture I’ve seen of the new Prince is from ITVNews.

If they need a name, I hear Scott is a good one! (Not traditional, but not a gauche name for a future King of England).

EDIT: Prince George it is. George Alexander Louis


Impressions of the Ontario By-elections.

My sense of how things are going, based on the brief polls I’ve seen, talking to people and just anecdotal “gut” feeling:

The OLP seems to be holding on a slight lead to the Toronto ridings (Scarborough and Etobicoke). They are probably ahead in Mcguinty’s old riding in Ottawa.

Windsor will go NDP unless every NDP voter down there decides not to bother showing up to the polls

The OLP is in a bit of trouble in London. I suspect the PC’s are in front here.

As always.. get out the vote will be important here. It always is, but even more-so in byelections, where voter turnout is primarily […]


Stephen Harper has a perverse sense of humour

This is quite a good joke Harper has played. Not only has Pierre Poliviere indeed been named to be a new minister in today’s big cabinet shuffle, Pierre Poilievre has been named Minister of state for democratic reform. One of my Liberal colleagues who is a staffer on the Hill was joking a day or 2 ago that perhaps this is where P.P would end up.. and lo and behold, Harper has decided to do so (leaving my Liberal colleague aghast that his facetious guess turned out to be true).

Yes, you’ve heard right: P.P. is now in charge of any changes to Canada’s Elections Act, and as Susan Delacourt […]


Parliament is about to become even more of a circus…

..if what Stephen Taylor has heard is true that Pierre Poliviere is going to become a Cabinet Minister.

The bad news is that with this promotion, Pierre is basically going to dig Parliament and Question Period down into the muck further, given his propensity for answering with non-answers and cheap shots at opponents.

The good news is: for us that are progressive bloggers, Pierre is going to give me and others of our political persuasion lots of material to write about, and as a Liberal partisan, I don’t mind at all if Poliviere got a cabinet post. More of the inevitable public exposure to his particular view of the world […]


Making mountains out of molehills on “Royal oath”

There is heated debate going on in the comment thread of the Toronto Star story regarding the court case about 3 long-time permanent residents who want to become citizens of Canada, but who do not want to swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth, and are going to court to argue that they shouldn’t have to (natural-born citizens of Canada do not have to swear this oath or any other).

Personally, I consider myself a mild monarchist, but I can see their angle on things.. and I don’t let it get me worked up as it has some people on the comment boards (mostly in the pro-monarchy crowd, consisting of “go […]


Nostalgia Redux. Rule Brittania!

So as a followup to my last post about the Conservatives hyping up the old British Empire/Commonwealth ties (The War of 1812, ditching the Maple Leaf insignia and going to the British insignias on the Canadian Forces uniforms, and a couple of other moves the past couple of years), I was musing what else Harper and his bunch might consider wanting to do, since they’re obviously nostalgic about all things from the former “Mother Country” (Quebec notwithstanding, apparently).

I suggested at the end of the blogpost that perhaps ditching the metric system and going back to Imperial measurement was next on the agenda. I had someone else write me saying […]


Nostalgia can be taken to the extreme

I’m a history buff – in particular a Canadian history buff, so I didn’t mind the Conservatives were trying hard (and still are trying hard) to get Canadians to pay attention to the history of The War of 1812 and how it led eventually to the formation of Canada, but I get it when I see people say they’ve gone too far on the endless advertising of it.

Now comes the decision to abandon the Maple Leaf ranks on the Canadian Forces, and go back to the British style insignia. Was there a hue and cry in the military or in the public to get rid of the Maple Leaf […]

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