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Collecting on a bet and meeting some folks (hopefully)

Well, it’s a quiet weekend, so I’ll just mention in brief that Jim Calder and I have settled on a date for me to come collect on my winning the Tim Hudak resignation bet. I’ll be up in Toronto on Oct 19th.. and Jim and I have decided that if others would like to meet – those who blog/tweet/Facebook politics and/or who read us would be welcome to stop by where the establishment is and say hello to us – mainly aimed at those who are members of /read Progressive Bloggers (of which I’m the site admin and Jim is a long time moderator/organizer for our website when we do […]


Thoughts on Assisted Suicide

This story in the National Post talks about how quadriplegic Conservative MP and one-time Cabinet Minister Steven Fletcher argues assisted physician-assisted suicide should be an option in Canada, this on the heels of Dr. Donald Low, who recently passed away from a brain tumour, arguing the same thing.

A very tough issue. A large majority of us in society who own pets won’t think twice about putting them to sleep and ending their suffering from a hopeless disease or illness or accident (I was one of those recently with my cat Silence), but we hesitate to allow the same to terminally ill people (who have their own free will and […]


Best tweet on the Blogging Tories ever..

Stephen Taylor probably won’t be happy. The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen Megregor, said this on Twitter this AM about his collective of Conservative bloggers:

“Have you seen Fringe cranks are responsible for most of the content.”

If you read back in the conversation thread, apparently some Conservative bloggers were claiming Justin Trudeau fabricated his 5K finish and didn’t really finish a stride behind General Leslie this past Sunday in the Army Run, which Glen kindly pointed out a photo showing they were wrong; he did finish behind General Leslie. (I’m not sure which Blogging Tory blogger(s) made these claim; I don’t make it a habit of visiting the Blogging Tories […]


A rare display of unity in Ontario – #LetTimLead

Tim Hudak will not face a leadership review, the Progressive Conservative delegates decreed at their convention yesterday in London. Tim Hudak is very happy. His party supporters are very happy.

The only ones possibly as happy are the Ontario Liberal Party and the NDP. They face face a lot easier task beating the PC Party with Tim Hudak at its helm (the Mike Harris leftover) then say, a more moderate and more popular leader.

The sun is shining across Ontario’s political divide. For this day at least, everyone is unified. Thanks PC party.


Nice catch, JT

A surprise announcement yesterday from Justin Trudeau and the LPC, with a new military adviser on the LPC team, and possibly one that will run for election in 2015:

Retired general Andrew Leslie, former commander of Canadian army..has agreed to co-chair an advisory council on international affairs for the Liberal leader and is not ruling out running for the party in the 2015 election…Leslie said his decision to join the Liberals came abruptly a few weeks ago, when news first leaked out about the Quebec government’s proposed charter of values, which would ban public servants from wearing any conspicuous religious symbols.”The only national leader who stood up and articulated my […]


Competition to replace Bob Rae in Toronto-Centre is officially on

The NDP and Liberal candidates for Toronto-Centre were voted on last evening. Chrystia Freeland and Linda Mcquaig were elected by their memberships to run for their political parties. Mcquaig’s win was on the first ballot, which surprised me a bit, as my original perception from reading up on this race was that Jennifer Hollett had good establishment NDP backing, though a source in the Hollett camp who I trust said that it was Linda Mcquaig that had the establishment politicians backing. I’ve commented on Jennifer Hollett before on here, and I’ll say again, she’s a hard person not to like, even if you’re not an NDP supporter, so I hope […]


Quebec’s ‘values’ charter – nothing but an attempted sovereignty gimmick

If you follow politics, you may have heard about Quebec’s “values” charter, which seeks to ban “religious” symbols or clothing from Quebec government workplaces (with the exception apparently of Quebec crucifixes or crosses in the National Assembly – that’s apparently an “important symbol to Quebec history”, not a religious symbol. I find it ironic then that the PQ always wants to remove the Canadian flag from the National Assembly when they’re elected to government, but that’s another story).

This is nothing more then an ill-disguised attempt to pander to some of Quebeckers’ worst fears in the hopes it will give the PQ a boost in the polls. It is also, […]


Toronto’s nice in the Fall – so are its eating establishments

Well, the Ontario legislature resumes sitting today. You’ll note in the story about it this morning in the Toronto Star that there is not a single mention of PC Leader Tim Hudak resigning (or even mentioning him for that matter).

Unless things change in the hours before the Legislature formally opens, that means I’ve won my bet with Jim Calder that he made with me that due to the poor PC byelection results earlier this summer, Hudak would either voluntarily submit to a leadership review/allow an easier implementation of it at the PC Convention later this year (he actually exhorted the PC’s executive not to, but they overruled his appeals), […]


2 sides of the polling analysis coin

Latest Nanos Poll numbers for the federal parties: LPC 36, CPC 30, NDP 25.

Nik Nanos commentary on this 2 pt gain for the Liberals over the CPC was that it was to do with the Senate scandal, not Justin’s admission he smoke marijuana:

Trudeau hasn’t seen a rise in popularity after focusing on marijuana, Nanos added. The Liberal leader was in the news recently for admitting he smoked marijuana a few years ago, after he was elected as an MP. The Liberal party is pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Trudeau’s pot admission and policy is “statistical puffery” because it drives interest but not votes, Nanos said.

An observation […]


Helping Kids In Kenya – Stahili Foundation

A slightly different post from me on this long weekend. I want to highlight an organization that a good friend of mine has co-founded to help children in Kenya (many of them orphans).

My friend’s name is Michelle Oliel. I met her initially through politics – specifically through her political blogging she did when we all started blogging 8 years ago. She eventually would go into law school, and I got to help her out a tiny bit by proof-reading some of her law essays for her. She has gone on to big lofty things – she works overseas at the Hague in a division of the International Criminal Court, […]

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