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Senate reform still desired over Senate abolition or status quo

Despite the Senate scandal deepening, it appears that for now, Canadians still prefer reforming the Senate over abolishing it, as indicated by this Ipsos-Reid poll from a couple of days ago. 49% of respondents indicated reform (and the Ipsos question on reform is worded as “..reformed to make it for example an elected body“) while 43% preferred abolishing it. Only 8% preferred the status quo – leaving it as is.

All discussions on what should be done with the Senate are on hold until the Supreme Court of Canada rules on the government’s referral on what can and can’t be done with the Senate, and what amount of consent is […]


My brief comments on the ongoing Conservative Senate Saga Scandal

You might have noticed I’ve not said much on the continuing allegations/bombshells being dropped in the Senate these days – with more bombs on additional cheques and PMO and PM involvement being dropped/alleged by ex-Con Senator Mike Duffy today.

At this point, I don’t really have much to add that you haven’t already read at other blogs (go to the aggregators Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers for a nice long list of those) and news sites. I’m just buying the popcorn at a steady pace and enjoying the show and the misery that a scorned Senator (or Senators) wrath is inflicting on Harper and the CPC.

I will say though this: […]


Some NDP hypocrisy on oil pipelines

I want to remark on an online/social media phenomenon I’ve seen, (mostly on Twitter) the past couple of days, where NDP activists, particularly ones who are active in the Toronto Centre by-election, are going after Justin Trudeau on his spoken support at a US conference (attended by ex-Australian PM Julia Gillard and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, among others) for Keystone XL and the proposed oil pipeline running south (yet to be approved by the US). This is not a new position he’s taken, though its being played up by some as that (and to be fair, a lot of the US activists he was talking to at the […]


More encouraging polls for the Liberals

Two polls come to us today – from two separate pollsters. The first I highlight comes from Forum Research, where voter preference and voter switching is looked at, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals lead in the net-gain of votes:

The poll, conducted by Forum Research, says that one third of people who voted NDP in the past federal election would vote Liberal if an election were held today. In fact, 45 per cent of NDP voters in total would switch their votes to another party. Twenty-five per cent of Conservative voters would switch their vote – 17 per cent of them would change it to Liberal. “These results will propel the […]


Another Liberal blogging colleague takes the political plunge

It appears to be the week Liberal political bloggers have decided to make the jump from blogging into running for office. This time, it’s Nancy Leblanc, who has been a longtime Liberal blogger at Impolitical. She has announced her attempt to win the provincial nomination for the Ontario Liberals in Parkdale-High Park:

Early in her career, Nancy practiced in a downtown Toronto law firm, McMillan Binch, and then worked as an educator, teaching law at Osgoode Hall Law School, George Brown College, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology.Nancy currently employs her considerable policy, legal and governance experience providing research, strategic advice and recommendations for corporate governance and board-of-director reforms, […]


A little shout out to an old blogging colleague running for a Liberal nomination

A brief blogpost on this day to wish my old blogging colleague and fellow Liberal, Jason Cherniak, the best of luck as he runs for the Liberal nomination in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill:

Mr. Cherniak has shown his leadership skills in a variety of ways, as vice-president communications for the Liberal Party of Canada’s Ontario division, past president of the Rotary Club of Richmond Hill and president of the Richmond Hill Federal Liberal Association. In addition, Mr. Cherniak serves on the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce government affairs committee and advocates for the preservation of the David Dunlap Observatory.

Not mentioned here is that Jason was the original founder of […]


Trying to change the Senate channel

The Senate scandals have badly damaged the Harper government, which is what happens when hand-picked Senators decide they can do whatever they want on ethics and spending. As a result, desperate to find a distraction, the Conservatives have decided to latch on to a “consumers-first” agenda; trying to paint itself as the defender of consumers in Canada everywhere.

This is an obvious attempt to blunt the “middle-class” focus Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been pushing the last year; and its apparent in this new Ekos poll:

At just 26 points in a national poll taken late last week, Harper’s party is lagging well behind the revitalized Liberals, which has […]


Watching the events down south

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. In my family’s household, the tradition is to hold the big turkey dinner on the Sunday and make turkey soup from the leftovers on Monday… and that tradition continues today.

Today.. I’ve been following the budget events in the US on their “Columbus Day” with interest. It appears that the not-so-crazy Republicans in the Senate are desperately trying to find a face-saving measure with the Senate Democrats, trying to avoid a US default on this Thursday – a default caused by the far-right in the House of Representatives egged on by a couple of Tea-Party Senators trying to ransom the US and world economies […]


Some more Ontario Liberal stuff I cringe at

Stuff like this is why, even though I like Kathleen Wynne, I’m not exactly running to renew my OLP membership card:

Premier Kathleen Wynne is “deliberately dismantling” protections for everything from Crown land to prized species like polar bears, snapping turtles and lake sturgeon, Ontario’s environmental watchdog warns.In his 190-page annual report, Gord Miller sounded the alarm over an “obscure” change in last spring’s budget that allows Wynne’s cabinet to delegate powers over government-owned wilderness to private companies. That paves the way for “wide open exploitation” of Ontario’s north without proper checks and balances to safeguard wildlife and precious natural resources, the environmental commissioner charged…

I see a pattern […]


All in a diplomatic day’s work

So in one single day, we’ve managed to offend the Maldives, take potshots at the Commonwealth (and have some normally friendly Commonwealth allies reproach us), and get into a diplomatic ruckus with Brazil over possible Canadian economic spying (on Brazilian mines and energy – why doesn’t that surprise me?).

John Baird and Stephen Harper must be a tad bored or something. I think prorogation needs to end fairly soon here, else we’re not going to have anyone left to get into a snit with (we still like the La Francophonie organization, right?).

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