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You know ratings must be bad at SunTV when..

You may have heard of the saying, “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”. That saying may be too charitable for what has just occurred at QMI media, better knows as the organization that runs the Sun Media Chain and Sun TV.

Their editorial board came out strongly against Rob Ford the other day, calling on him to resign/step down.. yet about a day or two later, we find out SunTV has revived Rob and Doug Ford’s broadcast careers by giving them a new TV show on Sun, and now they’re trying to reassure everyone on the print media side from one of their main writers […]


Potential Policy Priorities for a Potential New Liberal Government

I found this interesting; one of the Toronto LPC riding associations put forth a list of policy resolutions over the weekend and sounds like it asked their member what should be top priority for a new LPC government to implement. I have a copy of the preliminary paper which lists everything that was discussed, but I’ll refrain from posting it online for now, as I understand several of these were combined in subsequent revisions. If I get my hands on a “final copy” and I’m permitted to do so, I’ll post that.

Until then however, I can post what my “Top 3 Priorities” would be from looking at this list, […]


In remembrance on Remembrance Day

This will be the first Remembrance Day where I will have to remember both of these fine gentlemen/grandparents, as both have passed on – Flying Officer Le Verne Haley on the left (passed in 2012), Sergeant Stanley Tribe (Army) on the right (passed away this year) – Gr Haley’s pic was taken in Charlottetown PEI before he was posted to England – Gr Tribe was in in England. There was an interesting contrast between the two; my Grandpa Haley would always, as long as he was healthy, participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies in full uniform, and has written about his war experiences (which we always find fascinating to read) […]


What’s needed to get rid of Mayor Ford; provincial or federal type voter turnout

Well, I don’t think I need to re-hash everything that’s gone on in Toronto; other then Mayor Rob Ford has had 2 press conferences in a single day where he’s come out and managed to combine a tearful ‘I smoked crack while in a drunken stupor’ admission into a tearful plea for forgiveness and a tearful re-election plea for Oct 2014, when the next Toronto election for mayor is. Of course, he also said he’s not stepping aside for medical leave, and definitely no resignation.

It appears short of new police revelations and the province taking extraordinary measures to remove him (not sure if that’s even possible without a conviction), […]


Apparently, the courts are the new enemy of Senate reform

So says the Prime Minister to his party faithful at their Calgary convention:

“We were blocked by the other parties in the minority parliaments, and now we are being blocked in the courts,” said Harper in a lengthy keynote speech to the Conservative party faithful Friday night….Harper’s designating “the courts” as an enemy appeared to stem from a decision last week by the Quebec Court of Appeal, which ruled reforms such as elections to select senators or term limits could not be legislated unilaterally — as Harper had proposed.

In essence, anyone or any group that tells Stephen Harper he can’t do anything he wants is now the enemy […]

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