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So this thing happened in the Senate today..

If anyone predicted this was going to happen today, I’m going to them to ask what numbers I should pick for the lottery:

Justin Trudeau has expelled from his caucus every single Liberal member of the upper house and has declared there is no longer any such thing as a Liberal Senator. The Liberal leader said the former members of the Liberal Senate caucus will sit as Independents, and they will have no formal ties to the Liberal parliamentary machinery apart from through their friendships…The move stunned both Liberal senators and senior Liberal Senate staffers, who had not been formally advised of the decision. It also blindsided veteran insiders and […]


No gays in Sochi, and apparently no one on minimum wage in Thornhill

The statement yesterday by Sochi’s mayor that there were no gay people in Sochi was idiotic.

The statement today by Thornhill Progressive Conservative candidate, Gila Martow, is nearly as idiotic:

Thornhill provincial Progressive Conservative byelection candidate Gila Martow called the move to raise the minimum wage this week “a vote-buying, feel-good kind of message,” in an interview. “If you think about it, what does it mean? I don’t think that, especially in the Thornhill riding, there’s too many families… that are working ­— the parents ­— at real minimum-wage jobs,”… I would like you to show me a few families living in Thornhill that are paying their mortgage and both […]


Another former blogger (David Graham) running for a Liberal nomination

It seems a fair number of bloggers, or former bloggers, are deciding to try going from their grass/netroots activism and translate that into trying to get elected to office to translate that activism into change at the political level.

This week, it is the turn of David Graham to announce he is running for the Liberal nomination in his home riding of Laurentides-Labelle. If you’re not familiar with David, he has been a long time blogger (incidentally, he is and has been a big supporter of expanded and improved rail service, if you go through his archive of blogposts. Very good reading).

He has been a Progressive Blogger and […]


Not good times for Tim Hudak/Ontario PC’s

Yesterday won’t count as one of Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak’s better days. First came this snippet from the Windsor Star that the party had “fired” their candidate in Essex from last election over a dispute on “right to work” legislation:

Dave Brister was fired today as the Ontario PC candidate in Essex for publicly criticizing the party’s support of right-to-work legislation…“I was asked to recant my opposition to RTW legislation in exchange for retaining my position & I refused to do so,” Brister tweeted. Brister was a popular and conservative Windsor city councillor before stepping down to run in Essex in the last Ontario general election in 2011. Brister […]


Your 1st polls to 2nd guess Forum on – ONT byelections

Well, as expected, Forum is polling the 2 byelections just called in Ontario, and will be providing us fodder.. er.. numbers.. to look at. Here are their first “results”:

In Thornhill, where a successor to former Tory MPP Peter Shurman will be chosen, Tory candidate Gila Martow was at 44 per cent to 36 per cent for Liberal Sandra Yeung Racco.The NDP and Greens will select candidates this weekend so Forum polled using their 2011 election standard-bearers. Green Stephanie Duncan was at 10 per cent and New Democrat Cindy Hackelberg was at 7 per cent… In Niagara Falls, where the byelection is being held to find a replacement for retired […]


A major test for both Hudak and Wynne; Byelections called

This wasn’t unexpected, but here is the official news:

Premier Kathleen Wynne has called byelections for Feb. 13 in Thornhill and Niagara Falls…The riding of Niagara Falls became vacant after Liberal MPP Kim Craitor resigned. Thornhill MPP Peter Shurman stepped down after a very public dispute with PC Leader Tim Hudak.

This will not only be a test for Premier Wynne, to see what incumbent voters think of her and how she’s handled things, approximately a year after she was chosen as Premier by the OLP, but a major look to see whether Tim Hudak, who hasn’t exactly caught fire with voters, can hold a seat where there is […]


LPC Biennial Convention: Basic Income Supplement proposal

I figured with a month and a bit to go to the LPC Biennial Convention in Montreal, which will be crafting and formulating policy resolutions among other things (and which, assuming I’m accredited, I will be there covering it as a blogger) I’d start focusing on a few things and ideas that interest me and which I think should/could be a major topic leading up to the Convention. The Basic Income Supplement proposal will be the first one I look at.

What is it you may ask? Basically this:

A basic income supplement (BIS) is a direct way of dramatically reducing or eliminating poverty in Canada by ensuring that all […]


The Dilemma of Sochi

A friend on Facebook posts an interesting question/quandary* about what they feel regarding the Sochi Olympics:

With a month to ‪#‎Sochi‬ I feel very torn about it. I love the spirit of the Olympics (despite the IOC) and athletes give up a childhood to participate for the love of sport. Then there’s Russia and people being forced to give up who they are.

If the US hadn’t boycotted a political system in 1980 I wonder if more would be done now.

I can’t say I don’t feel the same way. Personally, I stated awhile ago that I leaned towards boycott. Now I’m just in the same limbo-land. The opening ceremonies […]


The Keystone Cops guarding our PM

I’m not one to defend Prime Minister Harper over anything, but what exactly was his security detail doing (or not doing) to allow this serious breach of security to happen?

In an interview airing Monday on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, Devlin explained how he got past the prime minister’s RCMP security detail and onto the stage where Harper was getting ready to do a question and answer session with the Vancouver Board of Trade.”I just wore my black dress shirt, my black pants, and I had a black apron on,” Devlin told P&P host Evan Solomon. Devlin and Shireen Soofi, the second protester, managed to evade security by […]


Denials all around of Olivia Chow being offered Ontario Lt.Gov position

Good to hear:

New Democrat MP and possible Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow says she hasn’t been offered an appointment as lieutenant-governor of Ontario, despite a rumour reported Monday. Chow, the MP for Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina riding and widow of late NDP leader Jack Layton, is a strong contender in the city’s 2014 mayoral race, according to a number of polls..A blogpost written by TVO’s Steve Paikin said Prime Minister Stephen Harper could name Chow to replace David Onley…Making Chow lieutenant-governor would take her out of the running for Toronto mayor and open up a federal riding in downtown Toronto.

Without getting into who gave TVO’s Steve Paikin the rumour and […]

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