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Biennial LPC – Day 4 (final) impressions

This is going to be a shorter post then my others I only was here til 11 am before I had to run for my train home and didn’t catch the constitutional stuff.. but thanks to the good flow of motions as done by the chairpersons (Maryanne Kampouris and Ralph Goodale), the policy resolutions were all gotten through ahead of schedule. I’ll be brief on those; I was pleased on a couple of things – the Basic Income Supplements measure(s) were passed, as was Section 31 on voting reform.. and one on looking to ban neocontinoids – the pesticide being blamed for killing off honeybees and other pollen-bearing insects. If […]


Biennial LPC Convention – Day 3 Impressions

A very early start to the day (7 am) when I visited the Breakfast Suite for Leanne Bourassa, one of the National Membership Secretary candidates (at the time – more on that later). I’ve known of Leanne for a while now, and she seems to have known of I and of bloggers in general, thugh we haven’t figured out yet where our paths would have crossed in the past. At any rate, I sat down there to a welcome breakfast and juice. I was joined eventually by fellow blogger Jeff Jedras, and we both were given time by Leanne to chit-chat for quite a bit, even though she had a […]


Biennial LPC Convention – Day 2 Impressions

Where to start! A VERY busy day today.

-I know it has to be done, but the constitutional by-amendments opening of the Biennial was a tad dry. It was a good move to have held this in a smaller conference room. Less people there (as obviously they knew better). If I’m at the next biennial, or at some other party’s policy convention, I’ll know to skip this part.

– Despite the fact he was scheduled during a very important Canada – US Olympic hockey game, there was basically a full house in the main hall to listen to retired Lt. General Andrew Leslie remarks. I livetweeted this earlier on Friday […]


First impressions of #Lib14 Montreal Biennial

– There are a lot (I mean a LOT) of people here for a non-leadership convention. I hear it may be the largest of these they’ve ever seen.

– The powerbars work at he bloggers tables and arent in short supply – a dramatic improvement over the Showcase. We also have a pretty sweet location for viewing proceedings, but we’re going to need extra, ah, security or a sign so people dont steal our seats (that should be rectified, I am assured)

– For a non-leadership convention, the Liberals have gone all out with their big-screens and displays at this event

– As I said on Twitter, during the Larry […]


Danielle Takacs running in Brant For LPC Nomination

We’ve had a lot of bloggers (both former and current) decide to drop their hat into running for both provincial and federal nominations for political parties, and on the eve of the Liberal Biennial Convention, I was very pleased and thrilled to see we have a new one today, someone who is a good friend of mine and who I am pleased to see put her name forward to contest for the Liberal nomination in Brant county – Danielle Takacs:

Policy research analyst and political organizer Danielle Takacs is vying for the Liberal nomination in Brant with a goal of re-energizing the party’s standing in the riding…She acknowledged that the […]


Almost Time For Montreal To Cover The LPC Biennial Convention

I was pleased to receive in my email from Andree-Lyne Halle (Comm Mgr for the LPC) a “Bloggers Welcome Note” for those of us bloggers accredited to the Montreal Biennial.

I’m also intrigued we’re getting formally welcomed and “briefed” by National Director of the LPC, Jeremy Broadhurst, on Friday AM. We’ve never had any formal welcomes before to any of the other conventions we’ve been accredited at, Liberal or otherwise – so I’m intrigued to hear what he will be saying. I’m also pleased to see the accredited bloggers have full access to all plenary sessions, policy resolutions sessions and expert panel sessions. We are also located in the Main […]


CPC Leaked Strategy Doc on Exploiting LPC Divisions Will Have Opposite Effect

You may have read this past week about the leaked documents the Toronto Star obtained that showed the Conservative Party hinting they will try to disrupt and cause disunity amongst Liberal Party members at the upcoming Biennial Convention in Montreal starting this Thursday (being attended by Yours Truly and other bloggers with media/blogger accreditation).

The part about trying to focus on Liberal “disunity” particularly caught my eye:

The Conservatives are also seeking to exploit cracks in the Liberal party “that are opening up again.” As proof, the document cites Trudeau’s early departure from a recent tribute dinner for former prime minister Jean Chrétien, along with Trudeau’s own decision to oust […]


Tough night for the Ontario Libs & Wynne

Last night, there were 2 byelections in Ontario, which were seen as a test of what the political winds are like in Ontario these days. The Ontario Liberals and Premier Kathleen Wynne was hoping to wrest away Thornhill from the PC’s, while Niagara Falls, in Tim Hudak’s backyard, it was seen as a test to see which opposition party would wrest it away from the OLP.

It was not a very good night for the OLP: in Thornhill, the PC candidate won comfortably – with vote totals only slightly down from the last general election, while in Niagara Falls, Liberal support cratered, but fled mostly to the NDP, which gained […]


Volunteer Positions Open for the OWLC

A friend of mine on the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission mentioned this, and took me up on my offer to help publicize the fact that the OWLC is looking for some executive positions to be filled:

The OWLC has several vacancies on our executive and we are hoping that you or someone you may know may be interested in joining our team until the fall 2014 AGM.

Positions available include:

Vice-President Organization Vice-President Communications Vice-President Constitutional and Legal Affairs Vice-President South Western Ontario

Descriptions for each volunteer role can be found in Article 4 of the OWLC Constitution, a copy of which can be found at

All interested […]


A rather obvious observation

When you’re a party and a government that has had numerous election violations and suspicion of other election shenanigans, and you decide to “reform” the process of election writs and the process of what the non-partisan body of Elections Canada can and can’t do, without bothering to consult them, when you write into a bill a measure (removing vouching for a person – which I’ve never heard from anyone has been prone to abuse) in what appears to be obvious voter suppression, and then, to top it all off, you immediately force time allocation in Parliament to cut short debate on the bill – to a single day – on […]

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