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A Pool/Poll On Number Of “Fair Elections Act” amendments/changes

If you’ve followed the reaction to the “Fair Elections Act”, you’ll note there’s not a lot of support for this act as it stands. It’s getting rightly lambasted by newspaper editorials and columnists across this country, as well as academics and so forth.

That said, I’d be willing to bet the Conservatives aren’t going to do much, if anything, in the way of amendments/changes that have been suggested. They know exactly what this new act is going to do. It’s basically an attempt to tilt the playing field (or the voting field) towards them, (and also a way to try and neuter Elections Canada, who they dislike)

I’m going to […]


Good luck to Dan Fox running for TO City Council (Ward 24) in Willowdale.

I don’t often do links to municipal candidates, particularly City of Toronto ones, despite the amusing circus that occasionally provides, but I’m making an exception for Dan Fox, who is an active Liberal in federal politics, but has decided to go a different route and will try to get elected to TO City Council in Ward 24:

I think that the Toronto City Council has put sound bites and politics ahead of the need of the people of Toronto. Budget gimmicks have replaced building and maintaining a healthy city infrastructure. Photo opportunities have a higher priority than fiscal responsibility. Immediate gratification has replaced long-term vision and planning. It’s time to […]


A neat site to track Liberal nominees in ridings across Canada: is a pretty neat, fairly new site I was made aware of, and it’s very ambitious:

This website is intended to be a database for Liberals and Liberal supporters to find the aspiring candidates in their ridings, and for aspiring candidates to contact and work together in building this new chapter of the Liberal Party of Canada and, we hope, the next chapter of Canada itself.

You can pick out each province and find ridings and see if anyone has declared to be running for the nomination in that riding. You’ll note that there are lots of gaps in the number of ridings, particularly in provinces outside of Ontario […]


The only progressive in the TO Mayor race is Olivia Chow

Municipal politics are an interesting political arena. You have much more of a political ideological mix here, which you don’t necessarily have for the federal or provincial arenas. So it is for the Toronto Mayor race.

All the political candidates lean right-of-centre, with the exception of one candidate; that would be Olivia Chow, ex-NDP MP of Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina riding, and of course, the widow and wife of Jack Layton, former NDP leader. From where I sit, the choice for political progressives (which includes left of centre “liberal” Liberals) is obvious; Olivia Chow should be the choice of those voters; as there is no one else in this bunch that […]


Disappointment with the Ontario Liberal Party lack of social media communication

The OLP has a convention next week, if you weren’t aware. It’s their annual general meeting – the one that was originally going to be held in London, but got moved to Toronto due to speculated Spring Election concerns.

Several bloggers (myself included) of the Liberal persuasion (Ontario or Federal) have been inquiring for awhile since last year before Christmas to some of our contacts within the OLP hierarchy about the possibility of being present at this to live-blog or live-tweet it or social media it in general.. you get the idea – as we did for the OLP’s leadership convention. We’ve had various contacts who’ve told us they’ve supported […]


Grasping for straws – Pauline Marois

I’m glad this fear – if there ever was anyone in Quebec fearing it- was cleared up by her:

An independent Quebec would open its arms to tourists from Canada. That’s the message from Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois as sovereignty continues to be a prominent issue in the Quebec election campaign.Marois said today that Quebecers will still be able to go see the Rockies and Prince Edward Island and that Canadians from there will still be able to visit Quebec.

She’s trying to reassure soft nationalists that Canada won’t ban an independent Quebec’s people from being tourists, and vice versa? We’re really down to scraping the barrel for arguments […]


Amazing coincidences and occurrences

Amazing coincidence – Peter Mackay muses that liberalization of pot/marijuana laws/legislation easing criminal charges are now a real possibility, and like magic, the anti-Justin Trudeau ads running on Toronto area AM radio that claim his stance on legalizing marijuana would ‘make it easier for kids to smoke pot” and “he isn’t up to the job” that were running incessantly for the month of February prior and after the LPC Biennial Convention have magically disappeared. Funny that.

Amazing occurrence: Ontario Liberal MPP Mitzie Hunter’s Private Member Bill (Bill 166) that would authorize Toronto to choose ranked ballots for their electoral voting system (as they voted to ask for late last year) […]


Guest blog from Leanne Bourassa; new LPC Nat’l Membership Secretary

Cue the music: Carry On by FUN

The week before convention was a tough one for my team – tempers were running high, work and school obligations were pressing, we were spending more money than we had planned, I was travelling, doing founding meetings and still trying to be a responsible employee and everyone was just plain tired. So, driving to the airport to pick up Erich was a nice opportunity to shift gears and get into the “Convention mindset”. Things got even better when I ran into a friend from Law school and ended up with two passengers for the long, slow drive downtown. The guys hit it off […]


Sunday Stuff: A guest blog-poster from the Biennial early this week?

I took a bit of a break in blogging the past week – partially to recharge batteries from the Montreal Biennial.. partially because I’ve been doing some other political stuff behind the scenes… but back to a regular blogpost today, with some thoughts of the week behind and a look ahead:

– I read with amusement at the Manning Centre Conference where a pollster warned those conservative attendees of “grim” polling statistics they found on the CPC losing ground on issues to the Liberals and the NDP. Grim for them, perhaps, but certainly not for me or likeminded people who want the Conservatives gone (and there are many of us)


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