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Congrats to Nancy Leblanc, your OLP candidate for Parkdale-High Park

My long time blogging colleague will apparently be acclaimed in that riding on May 7th for the OLP, and like BigCityLib, I am very pleased to see and hear this.

I’ll repeat what I said elsewhere: despite the fact we sometimes disagree on things, we are friends, and I wish her nothing but the best of luck

Her campaign website can be found here


Worth repeating on the Supreme Court Senate ruling

As those of you who follow politics in Canada know, the Supreme Court of Canada told Stephen Harper on Friday that if he wanted to either reform (7 provinces/50% of pop) or abolish (unanimity + Senate agreement) the Senate, he needed to do something he hates doing – build a consensus with the provinces.

That ruling led him to petulantly declare that any meaningful reform or thoughts of abolition of the Senate was dead, and that the SCOC had ruled in favour of the status quo that no one wanted.

That led Athlia Raj, who is a correspondent at Huffington Post Canada, to say a series of tweets on Twitter […]


Liberal Nominee: Joseph Angolano in Scarborough North

This is another in a series of blogposts I’ve done for folks I know that are running to be the Liberal candidate in certain ridings*, be they for federal or provincial. This time, I’m highlighting Joseph Angolano, who is running to be the Liberal nominee in the new riding of Scarborough North.

Joseph is a tad different from the other candidates I’m highlighting; he was not/is not a Liberal blogger, as some of my other folks I’ve highlighted here, but was/is friends with a lot of them, and he did get involved in a couple of political chat sites I was on. I’ve had some interesting and sometimes admittedly heated […]


The Senate’s proposed amendments to election bill are a facade.

The committee in the Senate designed to look at the (un)Fair Elections Act – Bill C-23 – tried to come across as dramatically wanting to amend this bill….it came up with 9 proposed amendments that were unanimously agreed to. That got initial press coverage as saying the Conservative-dominated Senate was being independent and defying the Conservative government. However, when one took a look at the minority report from the Independent/Liberal caucus that the Conservatives would not sign on to (such as continuing to allow vouching, allowing Elections Canada to encourage voter participation etc) and more importantly, when Pierre Poliviere came out and welcomed/praised the amendments, one immediately smelled a rat.



Help Save The Monarch Butterfly: Plant Some Milkweed

A slightly different post today on the weekend. I’ve always loved Monarch Butterflies. When I was a kid, we picked milkweed with monarch caterpillars on them, put them into an old fish tank aquarium, kept supplying them with fresh milkweed and then made sure we hung sticks or metal rods across the top so they had somewhere to climb to form their chrysalis.. and eventually hatch.

Nowadays though, Monarchs are increasingly threatened, partially due to deforestation in Mexico in their wintering grounds, partially due to bad weather, and maybe a lot to do with the face that Milkweed, specifically Common Milkweed, the prime source of food for the Monarchs, […]


Conservative logic: Promoting high turnout/ensuring fair election is a conflict?

That’s what Conservative Senator Linda Frum seems to think: (for lack of a better term). Some twitter tweets give her position quite clearly:

“Elections Canada role is to administer fair elections. Not to motivate. Not to induce. More integrity when mission is clear cut.”

and this, as a reply to an incredulous Bruce Anderson wanting a followup to reading this:

“Elections Canada should not have a vested interest in recording a high voter turnout. That’s a conflict”

The ONLY way you get to that conclusion for Senator Frum, and I presume other Conservatives like Harper and Poilievre, who obviously feel the same way -otherwise they’d never have stuck this provision […]


A victory for federalism and tolerance in Quebec..

…and 2 free dinners won from political bets for me from political colleagues (one on a majority, the 2nd on the number of seats won) All in all, a great night last night.

Postscript: My 1 won bet was with Jim Calder, blogger at the Progressive Right, and one of my helpers at Progressive Bloggers when we go on political convention road trips to help get pictures up at the site. I’m sure we’ll be turning this (as we did last October, when I soundly beat him on a Tim Hudak bet) into an informal blogger/political social media folks get together – likely in Toronto, and I’m leaning towards May. […]


You are reading the blog of a potentially disenfranchised voter….

…if Bill C23 passes in it’s current form. I may be one of those Canadians (potentially 4 million of us, according to Canadian election law experts) who may not be allowed to vote, if Bill C23 passes in its current unaltered form. Why is that?: Well, I don’t have a Driver’s License (by choice), and my other government issued ID’s do not include my current address, and vouching (which I’ve never had to use before, I might add) is also going to be removed.

This “39 pieces of ID is more then reasonable” argument, that Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre an his Conservative Party members trots out all the […]


I have faith in Quebec voters….

… to recognize the dog-whistles coming out of the PQ for what they are.. and not allow wedge politics and narrow-mindedness to rule the day. The PQ has fallen into out and out panic mode, accusing the Liberal leader Couillard of more or less abandoning Quebecois, merely because he supports bilingualism.. and I don’t need to repeat the ridiculousness coming out of their various members over the Values Charter. A slight majority of francophone voters may support it, but I think they got scared off when the extreme separatist elements (see Pierre-Karl Peladeau – the head of Quebecor Media – better known as the owners of the rabid Sun Newspapers […]

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