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Thoughts on the upcoming provincial election in Ontario

You would know from reading this blog or searching its archives I’ve not exactly been overflowing in my praise for the Ontario Liberal government the past several years. I had issues with Dalton Mcguinty on environmental issues as well as omnibus Budget bills presented in the same fashion that Stephen Harper did, which is what caused me to not renew my Ontario Liberal membership 3 years ago or so. (It was also a fact that the OLP’s social media relationship with its netroots was non-existent, which didn’t help matters).

When Kathleen Wynne was chosen as the new leader of the party and Premier, I liked her enthusiasm and gusto, and […]


Ontario NDP should support OLP Budget – No Layton 2005 Repeats, Please! (UPDATED)

If you’ve read my blog posts over the past few years and even in the past couple of months, you’ll know I’ve not been exactly enamoured with the Ontario Liberal Party. Unlike the Federal Liberals, I’m not a member of the OLP and haven’t immediate plans to rejoin because of some stuff Mcguinty did that I wasn’t happy with, and the snub/silence over our queries of being accredited to their AGM a couple of months back to myself and a couple of other Liberal aligned bloggers (who are OLP members) still annoys me greatly.

That said, I think the Ontario NDP and Andrea Horwath are nuts if they don’t […]

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