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2 ironies here with Republican Todd Akin

Todd Akin, if you’re not aware, is the Republican candidate for Missouri Senate. He is now infamously quoted as having said this in an interview on Sunday:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

First irony – this photo:


2nd irony: everyone is calling on the Republican nominee to step down.. including those on the mainstream Republican right, horrified they might lose their best chance at a US Senate seat pickup, but if Akin […]


US Politics – Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. Democrats applaud

So it’s official, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, has chosen US Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

You don’t know much about Paul Ryan? He’s viewed as an ideological right-wing Congressman, who would be supported by those folks known as the Tea Party faction in the US. How ideological is he? One of his pet projects is to privatize US Social Security. He proposed to privatize US Social Security in 2005, and the George Bush administration rejected his plan. When a Republican like Bush is rejecting your plan as being too radical, you know you’re way out there on the fringe – which is exactly why the Tea […]


Upset with Obama? Could be worse – you could get Romney.

A fair number of progressive political activists in the US and some in Canada are disappointed that Obama has not been as progressive or transformational as they like, and has turned out to be more of a cautious President. That may be true, but things could be worse: they could always end up with Mitt Romney, who has turned a trip to London England and the Olympics into a PR disaster.

Republicans and others have said and will say they don’t care what is said about Romney in London’s press or by the Prime Minister, but the major job of a US President is in the area of foreign relations, […]


US Supreme Court rules US Affordable Health Care Act is Constitutional..

…the surprising thing here is that Chief Justice John Roberts, the conservative judge appointed by GW Bush, is the deciding vote, and not the usual “moderate conservative” Anthony Kennedy. He went over and sided with the 3 Musketeers (Scalia, Alito, Thomas) and said the whole act was unconstitutional.

The venom and delirium from the Tea Party supporters and other Republicans in general has been equivalent to an orchestra of scorched cats (to quote Mr. Jorkin in Ebenezer Scrooge)

Others have taken note of Conservatives threatening to flee to Canada, as if Stephen Harper’s Canada would offer refuge to them. I’m afraid to inform them we already have death panels […]


Right-wing talk radio on the US is going to be frothier then usual from now until November.

You might have heard that President Obama came out publicly and announced his support for same-sex marriage:

“It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

As expected, that set off a right-wing talk-radio torrent. The funniest rebuttal to that so far is this:

To my American friends, I say same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada for several years now. There has been no moral or social collapse because of it. I also ask what’s worse for the destruction of the “traditional” family – allowing same sex marriage for a small segment of the population, or […]


Happy Civic Holiday… and why Obama did the deal he did.

To all of you in Canada who get this first Monday off, whether it’s called Civic Holiday or whatever, all the best to you. As for politics on this day, attention has turned to our US neighbour’s attempts to get their debt ceiling agreement in place before they default tomorrow. A tentative deal has been reached, which still has to be voted on and passed, but many progressives and liberals – both in the US and here in Canada – are dismayed at the Democrats and President Obama’s unwillingness to force the Republicans to compromise more in the agreement. They view it as a sellout of Democratic and progressive/liberal party […]


Think about it..

This is a status message seen on Facebook by a family member who normally doesn’t utter political statements:

So let me get this straight…Kelsey Grammer can end a 15yr marriage by phone, Larry King is on divorce #9, Britney Spears had a 55hr marriage, Jesse James and Tiger Woods, while married, were having sex with everyone, 53% of Americans get divorced and 30-60% cheat on their spouses. Yet, same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage? Really?

THat would be referring partially to some of the statements coming from New York State opponents of same-sex marriage, which was legalized yesterday.

Just look at Canada. Has the institution of […]


Higher standards

I have to disagree with my blogging colleague Jymn over his way about the different ways the Democratic Party and Republican Party handle scandals.

I’d rather a party not lower itself to the level of the other guys and say “well – they did it too!”. It’s not on the same scale of this sex scandal, but the Conservative Party up here has often whined like that about “the Liberals did it too, or were far worse” when pointed out their various indiscretions.. not exactly inspiring stuff for a party that promised to do better and clean things up. It didn’t affect them this election, but it will in […]


An inconvenient truth (on building more prisons – US style)

When even Newt Gingrich – former Republican Speaker of the House back in the 90’s – says this about the US prison system – you can see how out to lunch the Conservative government is on spending billions to build more prisons:

Building more jails is a waste of money. We need a fundamental rethink on how to rehabilitate prisoners — not just punish them. Locking up more and more people doesn’t make the public safer. Typical rhetoric from the liberal “soft on crime” crowd? Think again. Newt Gingrich, one of the foremost paladins of the U.S. conservative movement, lent his name to a column the other day in the […]


The least surprising study results one could find.

I didn’t need a study to tell me this, since I can pretty much point these folks out, but at least we have a scientific study proving it:

Watching Fox News leaves viewers less informed and more prone to believing misinformation, according to a study conducted by the at the University of Maryland. While regular consumers of news were found to be more informed on issues surrounding the 2010 Senate elections, daily Fox viewers were significantly more likely to believe incorrect information on the economy, climate change and whether or not U.S. President Barack Obama was born in America…Researchers found that the more you watched Fox News the more […]

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