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Ann Coulter Ottawa ‘cancellation’ a mere publicity stunt?

Some of my progressive blogging colleagues think so. Part of that is to do with some of the media covering the event reporting they felt it was more to do with poor organization of the event, and that the claim that there were ‘2000 protesters there’ being overblown, as well as the so-called security concerns being overblown.

As Dr Dawg noted at his above link, there’s so far not been an official police report of any kind describing reports of any physical violence, or arrests, or reports of weapons. We only have hyper-conservative activist Ezra Levant saying so, and pardon me if I take his word with a big mountain […]

The US takes a step towards joining the rest of civilization on health care.

On a slightly happier note, President Obama officially signs US health reform insurance into law:

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It isn’t perfect as I’ve said before, but it’s a foundation to build on for the future in the US. Congratulations to the Democratic Party (at least, the ones who helped pass this, as they have even less party discipline then the Liberals) and President Obama.


A big blue herring

Yea, the saying is usually a “red herring”, but I felt it appropriate to change it to blue to coincide with the Conservatives, whose colour is blue of course. Anyhow, regardless of the herring’s colour, that’s what this excuse for voting against a Liberal motion calling on the government to include family planning in any G8 maternal health initiative. Apparently, it’s anti-American:

Conservative MPs will vote against a Liberal motion today to include family planning as part of the G8 maternal and child health was clear the government had seized upon the second part of the Liberal motion which attacks the right-wing policies of the former George Bush government […]

We’re now to the point of simulating lynchings of Obama.

If Obama gets through his presidential term (however long that may be) without at least 1 assassination attempt on his life, sadly, I have to say I’d be surprised: there are a lot of crazies down there:

The US Secret Service says it is investigating after an effigy of Barack Obama was found hanging in the home town of former President Jimmy Carter. TV footage showed the doll hanging by a noose in front of a red, white and blue sign that reads “Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President”. Witnesses said the effigy had President Obama’s name on it.

No doubt someone “inspired” by the tea […]

The US comes 1 tiny step closer to meaningful healthcare reform.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced this afternoon that the Health Care Reform Bill he will put forth in the Senate to be voted on will indeed include a public option – one that contains an “opt-out” clause if certain states don’t want to use it, but a public option nonetheless. Part of Reid’s statement reads:

“Under this concept, states will be able to determine whether the public option works well for them and will have the ability to opt-out…I believe that a public option can achieve the goal of bringing meaningful reform to our broken system. It will protect consumers, keep insurers honest and ensure competition and that’s […]

They really hated George Bush in Europe that much eh?

In brief – Great line from David Graham on Facebook this AM: He “congratulates President Bush on winning President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize”, which if you hadn’t heard, occurred today.

I congratulate Obama for winning this, though like others, I’m thinking it was a tad premature to be awarding him this yet. If he somehow manages to get the Israelis and Palestinians to sign another Camp David-type peace accord, then for example, I’d have had no trouble with it. This being awarded to him seems to be designed more to prod him along to keep up his peace efforts and international co-operation on serious issues on the world stage.


Mark Steyn won’t be happy with these poll results.

I mention Mr. Steyn because when he isn’t busy in his US columns raving at Obama, he occasionally writes a column in Macleans raving about Obama. The most recent one basically seems to claim that Obama is losing some popularity in polls because regular American folks were opposed to his attempt to impose government-run healthcare on the freedom-loving masses (otherwise known as a Public Option, or a public insurance option, which would compete directly with national insurance companies and offer health insurance to people. Obama’s commitment to that being included in any health reform package seems to vary from public statement to public statement and the mood on any given […]

A hope that Ted Kennedy’s legacy will live on with real health care reform in the US.

So if you’re politically inclined at all, you’ll know that Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away today. He wasn’t a perfect person by any means (and who is?), but he also did a lot of good things on the legislative front.

My hope is that his legacy will live on in a health care reform bill (perhaps renamed the Teddy Kennedy Health-Care Reform Act in his memory) and that it includes the “public option” in it, which is something Kennedy wanted – as a minimum.

Here’s also hoping the Democrats in the Senate use all legal and legislative means (google “reconciliation”) to pass this through the Senate against the […]

Harper decides to go to the Supreme Court to appeal the Omar Khadr ruling.

This is not exactly a shocker that he and his Conservative government would do this appeal to the Supreme Court to overrule 2 Federal court rulings that they are compelled to ask the US government to repatriate Omar Khadr:

The federal government will go to the Supreme Court in a bid to overturn court rulings that would require Ottawa to press for the return of Canadian Omar Khadr from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, CBC News has learned..The Supreme Court will have to decide whether to review the case.

You could see them setting up for that appeal when Harper noted a week ago up in the […]

Video & transcripts of US Senator Vitter saying he wishes to destroy Canada’s prescription drug system.

This is a followup to my previous blogpost, which detailed Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter saying he was supporting re-importing prescription drugs from Canada so he could use it to help cause the pricing system here to collapse.

At Talking Points Memo, we have an update to the story that puts his remarks in a lot better context; the Louisiana Democratic Party has released video and transcripts at this event where Vitter tells his constituents he wants to destroy Canada’s health care system.

Vitter: (reading back a question) ‘If socialized medicine is such a bad idea, why do you propose we import medicine from a country that has a socialized […]

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