The end (or pause) of a blogging giant

You may not have caught this from CalgaryGrit, aka Dan Arnold, so I’ll post a link to it and briefly mention that he is taking a hiatus from regular blogging which he has done for the past 10 years because of job commitments with the Liberal Party that makes it rather awkward for him to blog (blogging and working as a party insider don’t mix, unfortunately).

I wanted to mention here what I have mentioned elsewhere: there are a few things Dan doesn’t mention in his piece that I am going to mention because he deserves credit for both. He was one of the original co-founders of Progressive Bloggers back […]


Congrats to Nancy Leblanc, your OLP candidate for Parkdale-High Park

My long time blogging colleague will apparently be acclaimed in that riding on May 7th for the OLP, and like BigCityLib, I am very pleased to see and hear this.

I’ll repeat what I said elsewhere: despite the fact we sometimes disagree on things, we are friends, and I wish her nothing but the best of luck

Her campaign website can be found here


Another former blogger (David Graham) running for a Liberal nomination

It seems a fair number of bloggers, or former bloggers, are deciding to try going from their grass/netroots activism and translate that into trying to get elected to office to translate that activism into change at the political level.

This week, it is the turn of David Graham to announce he is running for the Liberal nomination in his home riding of Laurentides-Labelle. If you’re not familiar with David, he has been a long time blogger (incidentally, he is and has been a big supporter of expanded and improved rail service, if you go through his archive of blogposts. Very good reading).

He has been a Progressive Blogger and […]


Bloggers will be officially accredited at the Montreal LPC Biennial Convention

The official word has come from the LPC: bloggers will be accredited to the Convention, and they are inviting applications for accreditation. Since they’ve sent out a press release, and the form is publicly available on the convention web site, I don’t think they will mind me re-posting it below (also because anyone, not just Liberal supporting blogs, can apply.. but they of course reserve the right to decide who attends. That said, I hope some non-Liberal bloggers or non-partican bloggers are approved).

The next big question for bloggers (yours truly included) is whether the travel and accommodation costs are worth covering a non-leadership convention. This will be primarily a […]


Another Liberal blogging colleague takes the political plunge

It appears to be the week Liberal political bloggers have decided to make the jump from blogging into running for office. This time, it’s Nancy Leblanc, who has been a longtime Liberal blogger at Impolitical. She has announced her attempt to win the provincial nomination for the Ontario Liberals in Parkdale-High Park:

Early in her career, Nancy practiced in a downtown Toronto law firm, McMillan Binch, and then worked as an educator, teaching law at Osgoode Hall Law School, George Brown College, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology.Nancy currently employs her considerable policy, legal and governance experience providing research, strategic advice and recommendations for corporate governance and board-of-director reforms, […]


A little shout out to an old blogging colleague running for a Liberal nomination

A brief blogpost on this day to wish my old blogging colleague and fellow Liberal, Jason Cherniak, the best of luck as he runs for the Liberal nomination in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill:

Mr. Cherniak has shown his leadership skills in a variety of ways, as vice-president communications for the Liberal Party of Canada’s Ontario division, past president of the Rotary Club of Richmond Hill and president of the Richmond Hill Federal Liberal Association. In addition, Mr. Cherniak serves on the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce government affairs committee and advocates for the preservation of the David Dunlap Observatory.

Not mentioned here is that Jason was the original founder of […]


Collecting on a bet and meeting some folks (hopefully)

Well, it’s a quiet weekend, so I’ll just mention in brief that Jim Calder and I have settled on a date for me to come collect on my winning the Tim Hudak resignation bet. I’ll be up in Toronto on Oct 19th.. and Jim and I have decided that if others would like to meet – those who blog/tweet/Facebook politics and/or who read us would be welcome to stop by where the establishment is and say hello to us – mainly aimed at those who are members of /read Progressive Bloggers (of which I’m the site admin and Jim is a long time moderator/organizer for our website when we do […]


Best tweet on the Blogging Tories ever..

Stephen Taylor probably won’t be happy. The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen Megregor, said this on Twitter this AM about his collective of Conservative bloggers:

“Have you seen Fringe cranks are responsible for most of the content.”

If you read back in the conversation thread, apparently some Conservative bloggers were claiming Justin Trudeau fabricated his 5K finish and didn’t really finish a stride behind General Leslie this past Sunday in the Army Run, which Glen kindly pointed out a photo showing they were wrong; he did finish behind General Leslie. (I’m not sure which Blogging Tory blogger(s) made these claim; I don’t make it a habit of visiting the Blogging Tories […]


Toronto’s nice in the Fall – so are its eating establishments

Well, the Ontario legislature resumes sitting today. You’ll note in the story about it this morning in the Toronto Star that there is not a single mention of PC Leader Tim Hudak resigning (or even mentioning him for that matter).

Unless things change in the hours before the Legislature formally opens, that means I’ve won my bet with Jim Calder that he made with me that due to the poor PC byelection results earlier this summer, Hudak would either voluntarily submit to a leadership review/allow an easier implementation of it at the PC Convention later this year (he actually exhorted the PC’s executive not to, but they overruled his appeals), […]


Google Reader’s closing also about to close BANPC

The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians (BANPC for short) was started in April 2005, 3 months before Progressive Bloggers started. It may be the 2nd oldest blogging aggregator currently out there (The Blogging Tories was created before them), but sadly, as of July 1, when Google Reader gets shut down, James Bow, the creator and longtime administrator of the site, says BANPC will go too.

You might think it’s not a big deal, but blogging aggregators were created to allow ease of use in finding blogs – and in some cases likeminded bloggers – to read.. rather then randomly trying to search them out. I know James has cited decreasing […]

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