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Best tweet on the Blogging Tories ever..

Stephen Taylor probably won’t be happy. The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen Megregor, said this on Twitter this AM about his collective of Conservative bloggers:

“Have you seen Fringe cranks are responsible for most of the content.”

If you read back in the conversation thread, apparently some Conservative bloggers were claiming Justin Trudeau fabricated his 5K finish and didn’t really finish a stride behind General Leslie this past Sunday in the Army Run, which Glen kindly pointed out a photo showing they were wrong; he did finish behind General Leslie. (I’m not sure which Blogging Tory blogger(s) made these claim; I don’t make it a habit of visiting the Blogging Tories […]

Toronto’s nice in the Fall – so are its eating establishments

Well, the Ontario legislature resumes sitting today. You’ll note in the story about it this morning in the Toronto Star that there is not a single mention of PC Leader Tim Hudak resigning (or even mentioning him for that matter).

Unless things change in the hours before the Legislature formally opens, that means I’ve won my bet with Jim Calder that he made with me that due to the poor PC byelection results earlier this summer, Hudak would either voluntarily submit to a leadership review/allow an easier implementation of it at the PC Convention later this year (he actually exhorted the PC’s executive not to, but they overruled his appeals), […]

Google Reader’s closing also about to close BANPC

The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians (BANPC for short) was started in April 2005, 3 months before Progressive Bloggers started. It may be the 2nd oldest blogging aggregator currently out there (The Blogging Tories was created before them), but sadly, as of July 1, when Google Reader gets shut down, James Bow, the creator and longtime administrator of the site, says BANPC will go too.

You might think it’s not a big deal, but blogging aggregators were created to allow ease of use in finding blogs – and in some cases likeminded bloggers – to read.. rather then randomly trying to search them out. I know James has cited decreasing […]

If Garneau is conceding, what of the others?

There were a lot of other LPC leadership contenders I’d have thought would concede the race a lot sooner then Marc Garneau did – those folks who didn’t even have a hope of winning. If Garneau is gone and declared the race over (which I think most everyone was anyhow, other then a couple of wishful thinking columns), then I’m not sure that there’s much benefit to them staying in the race.

Of course, this isn’t exactly great news for the Liberal Party and its Showcase event. There may not be much of an event at this rate… which doesn’t thrill the LPC trying to sell those rather heavily […]

Blogger accreditation for the LPC Showcase is confirmed (& I’m confirmed going).

I had an email from the Liberal Party of Canada arrive in my mailbox today to those “independent bloggers” who expressed interested in covering the event. Basically, it confirmed that’s happening, and to send in our blog name/organization so they could view it and see if we’re “legitimate”.

I’ve done so, and I’m one of those accredited and going to observe the Showcase. BigCityLib is another. I’m sure others will follow.. though I’m not sure how many they’ll be confirming.

My understanding also is.. for those who have not yet applied for accreditation or expressed initial interest, you can still do so. Deadline for that is April 1.


Political Bits and Bites

– It was a historic event for Kathleen Wynne being sworn in as the first female Premier. A pity that a lot of the MPP’s decided not to attend. The attacks on NDP leader Andrea Horwath for not attending (and only 4 of her 19 MPP’s showing up) from some provincial Liberals and supporters rings a bit hollow however when half of her own backbench MPP’s didn’t decide it was worth attending either. That may be defeat hangover from the OLP Convention – and let’s face it, most MPP’s supported another candidate, the majority of that being for Pupatello. That’s an ominous sign, and Premier Wynne will need to put […]

Bloggers will be accredited for the April 6 Federal Liberal Showcase in Toronto

I’ve been told that by a good source -in his words:

I’m told bloggers can use the media inquiry page to register for the showcase (Ed Note: the April 6 Event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center) event, and language about bloggers should be up shortly…No cost, you’re registering as media. I don’t know how many, etc. Sarah Bain’s info is in the form;I’d suggest her as the for more info..

The media accreditation form of which he refers to is at this link:

I’ve already sent in my application, plus an inquiry on when the last day to register for accreditation is, whether or not they intend to […]

6 Questions Submitted To Several Liberal Leadership Teams

I got the questions finished last night and have submitted them to people I know on 4 of the campaigns: George Takach, Marc Garneau, Deborah Coyne and Joyce Murray.

I’m still looking around trying to find out who to talk to on the Justin Trudeau/Martha Hall Findlay /David Bertschi/Martin Cauchon/Karen McCrimmon teams as to who to submit these 6 Questions for the leader candidates to respond to (if they so choose to answer, of course -that would be noted on the blog and the aggregates it goes to as well).

If any on those teams or in the know would like to direct me to who I’d submit these […]

A look ahead

So after a successful OLP Convention where several bloggers were accredited (and others were blogging as delegates and alternates), here’s a brief look ahead at where I hope to be social media and blogging:

-I’m finishing up with drafting the final questions to submit to the Federal Liberal Leadership candidates, as I did with the provincial Liberal leadership ones. I’ll probably get them done tomorrow, as the Federal Liberal Candidates are taking one on one interviews in Winnipeg, and I’d like to see what they get asked… as I’m trying to formulate 5 6 unique questions for them, but which can be answered by all so we can all compare […]

More impressions of the #olpldr (Ontario Liberal Leadership) convention

In brief, since I’m typing on a Via Rail train headed home (back tomorrow AM for 2nd round voting):

-Wynne’s team is very media-savvy; five different volunteers spotted my “media/blogger badge” and handed me her media guide (I have 5 of them, + a button).

– Kennedy was next most prominent with his team.. we spotted him a couple of times in the AM checking things out with his team and delegates. Also, a thumbs up to one of his media relations folks Denise Brundson, (who I know from her federal associations and also when she blogged) for inviting me as a blogger to his open house.. but I […]

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