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Court ruling: Linking and quoting from online articles is legal.

Michael Geist writes today at his site about a recent court ruling that is important for all of us bloggers, no matter what political ideology or point of view we write from. Basically, the Federal Court of Canada dismissed copyright infringement claims against the website Free Dominion from the National Post and a photographer (who I believe also was working for the Post, though that’s a bit hazy in the article) because of this:

On January 10, 2008, an eleven-paragraph column by National Post columnist Jonathan Kay was posted to the site. When the Post complained in April 2010, the column was replaced with shorter excerpt that included the same […]

The influence or lack thereof of Canadian political blogs.

I’ve read an interesting column tonight by Simon Houpt of the Globe and Mail, who laments the Canadian political blogosphere and the apparent lack of influence it has on Canadian politics:

..our blogosphere is tame and ignorable. For it is the very rare Canadian politics or news blog that manages to grab a critical mass of eyeballs and break out of its tiny community of like-minded people; and almost none that sets the agenda. What’s wrong with us? Why have we been content to keep blogging as a primarily amateur undertaking? There’s no good reason Canadians couldn’t have created some of the most popular blogs, which rarely depend on original […]

A plug to the new Liblogs

Briefly this morning: I’d like to give some props to the newly redesigned Liblogs , which is an aggregator for Liberal blogs and/or Liberally-inclined blogs. You have 2 new administrators over there – Steve V of Far and Wide and Nancy from Impolitical, along with David Graham, a former Liblogs blogger, who is still involved with the site.

The site changes look good. Best of luck to everyone.

Looking forward to covering the NDP Leadership Convention

The NDP is holding their leadership convention on March 23-24 in Toronto, and they put out the word a month or so back that they would be accrediting bloggers to cover their convention. After some consultations, instead of applying as representing my individual blog, I decided to apply to represent Progressive Bloggers as an organization, along with my 1 moderator James Calder (who blogs at the Progressive Right) and Chris Slothouber, our webmaster/coder.

We received the word just recently that Progressive Bloggers has been approved to attend and cover the Convention. That involves a fair bit of things: we are allowed access to the convention floor, the NDP’s “Blog […]

Blog geek stuff – external voting button for Prog Blog

One of the features we’ve been trying to resurrect since “new” Progressive Bloggers went up is the ability for external votes to work on people’s blogs.. so they can have readers vote for them there, rather then having them go to the main Progressive Blogger site.

You’ll note that in my footer below the post, a “Vote for this at Progressive Bloggers” has been added. Try clicking it.. and let me know in comments if the thing appears to work. Thanks for your beta testing help.

Note: the voting will only work externally once the feedreader at Prog Blog gathers the post and uploads the info to the main […]

More internal Liberal Party stuff – this time endorsements for Liberal Party positions.

I don’t usually give out endorsements for internal Liberal Party elections to posts, (I’m just one of those “stupid bloggers”) and this probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things Liberal, but here you are, as events of recent days and weeks have caused me to decide to openly state support for a couple of candidates.

As you’re aware from yesterday, I and others think the LPC new position on blogger “accreditation” – where bloggers who are not LPC delegates either have to go begging to the mainstream media for them to sponsor us, or else pony up 1100$ as a non-accredited “observer” (to pay for the Liberals renting […]

A break from blogging – now a meeting with bloggers

I’ve been on vacation for a week – hence the inactivity here, if you’re wondering why nothing new in a week. I’m still on vacation, but I’ll be meeting up with some of our Progressive Blogger membership (and some invited guests) this Saturday in Toronto for our annual Prog Blog get-together. It should be an interesting discussion on things in general, the new Progressive Blogger site, where we go from here with it, and just friendly chit-chat.

An observation on the Norway bombings/shootings

As you’ve no doubt heard, a far right extremist gunman who holds anti-immigration, anti-Muslim views decided to vent his wrath on the governing Socialist Party in Norway yesterday, blowing up a government building and then massacring scores of young socialist teenager members on an island. The death toll is horrific.

I’m waiting for those on the extreme right of the blogosphere/political spectrum to declare Canada should be deporting all Norwegians; you know; paint the whole nation of Norway with one prejudicial brush as they do with Muslims, and as they did yesterday before the actual facts came out. The rush to presuming it was a) Al-Queda, and b) declaring angrily […]

Progressive Bloggers – Version 2.

Part of the reason I’ve not been blogging as much is that I along with my volunteer coder Chris have been working hard on getting a new version new look version of Progressive Bloggers up and going. The site has been crying out for a re-design for several years. It was very hard to modify or to code stuff, and quite frankly, it was a major drain on the server it was sitting on.

We had thought Prog Blog 2 was finally launced yesterday AM .. but realized there was some unexpected glitches in reading pages (it’s based on a WordPress system), that had people scratching their heads. We […]

A slightly desperate looking plea.

When Stephen Taylor is tweeting this on Twitter:

There must be Liberals out there who would rather vote for Harper than see Jack Layton form any sort of government. know the Conservatives and their supporters sense they are in big trouble all of a sudden.

Why the frack would any sensible Liberal support a Conservative government/party lead by Stephen Harper who has smeared the LPC and Dion/Ignatieff for the past 5 years with attack ads and cheap shots – not to mention the contempt they’ve held Parliament in and been found in contempt of Parliament?

You guys made your own bed with that strategy – so now don’t complain […]

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