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Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Wow.

I just finished watching Barack Obama’s acceptance speech as candidate for the Democrats as President Of the United States.


This wasn’t just soaring rhetoric; he laid out some of the policies he wanted to do, and he was taking it to John McCain and the Republicans and going head-on against the attacks they’ve been levelling against him. He was also being pretty gutsy in laying out that he respected those who disagreed with him on gay marriage, guns, abortion, social security, etc. Talk about being bold for bringing up all those right-wing boogeymen topics.

Full text of speech here, but you really need to see it to capture […]


Some reality for Clinton and her supporters

Delegates: Pledged Super Total Needed Obama 1,660.5 315.5 1,976 49 Clinton 1,499.5 279.5 1,779 246 Remaining 86 201 287 (2,025 delegates needed for victory. Totals updated as of May 25, 11:13 pm)

I know there are still Clinton supporters, even up here, that are still claiming Clinton still has a shot at winning, or even claiming that the remaining Democratic super delegates may yet still change their mind, but the numbers don’t lie. Clinton’s run is nearing an end. When the last contests end, Obama will be tantalizingly within reach of the magic number. Anyone who thinks the remaining supers are going to suddenly move to Hillary, particularly with […]


Scott’s favourite sweets

As a followup to my last post, here are some of my favourite “sweets” as the Brits say, or confectionery:

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Screw Politics.

I’ve decided I no longer want to talk politics on here – no “progressive” talk or “liberal” or “Conservatives”.

Instead, I wanna talk about confectionery – which the British sometimes call “sweets” or “sweeties” or “spogs” or “spice” or “goodies”, and what we in North America call “candy”.

Also, what better way to turn over a new “sweet” – er “leaf”, then to change the look of the site. Look at all those goodies in the title bar.. mmm mmm… makes me gain 10 pounds just looking at it.

Just so we all know what “confectionery” means, a better definition comes from Wikipedia:

Confectionery items include sweets, lollipops, candy bars, […]

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