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Bringing cheer into the gloom

This was good to see:

The town was not on the official royal itinerary, but the royal couple made a special stop with the hope of bringing much-needed cheer to residents who now face the daunting task of rebuilding their homes and community…Thousands of other Slave Lakers and some out-of-towners gathered outside the college chanting “Will and Kate” and “We love Slave Lake.” Many arrived before dawn to stake out a prime spot in hopes of catching a glimpse of the couple as they arrived.

You may or may not be a monarchist, but even the most hardened republicans should be willing to admit this was a very touching and […]


A Royal prediction..

..after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Will and Kate) depart from Canada, support for a continued role for the Monarchy in Canada – as long as it’s William and Kate at the helm – is going to go over 65%. That’s how successful I think this tour has been and will be for the Monarchy once it ends.

Update: A further thought; Prime Minister Harper has been called by some – both in this country and in Britain – as the most pro-monarchist PM Canada has had in 50 years. I’m sure he wouldn’t be so open about that if he didn’t believe it was part […]


Friday snippets

– An enormous earthquake and tsunami has hit Japan early today – the largest in Japan’s history. I’ll be amazed if the current death total of 60 doesn’t climb into the hundreds.

– Prime Minister Harper shows his contempt and arrogance for the dual contempt of Parliament rulings made against his government and Cabinet Minister by stating, “you win some, you lose some”. This is all just a big game to him. The Star says it best:

We are quickly sliding toward an election campaign in which the central issue will be the Prime Minister himself — both his record in office and the way he and his government […]


The ‘please be friends with us’ tour Harper has sent the GG on to the Middle East.

The Conservative government tends to be rather – at the very least – awkward with some of its foreign policy and ventures. I’m thinking this Governor-General tour could have been postponed while the events of the Middle East are taking place:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sending the Governor General on a goodwill mission to the oil-rich Persian Gulf where the absolute control of the region’s dynasties is being threatened by pro-democracy unrest. Gov.-Gen. David Johnston and his wife Sharon will arrive in Kuwait on Friday before travelling to Qatar on Sunday, both countries considered strategic Western allies. On Tuesday, as the trip was being announced, Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi […]


Some caution on the Muslim Brotherhood boogeyman

SunMedia journalist David Akin responds to criticisms of media coverage in general that Ezra LeVant spouted off about:

Levant and (others) allege that Western reporters have missed the big story, that the Muslim Brotherhood is about to install radical Islamist rule in place of the secular autocracy that is now crumbling…. I, for one, found it difficult to report conclusions like this while I was in Cairo or since my return for I can find no evidence to back up these statements.. .Journalists reporting on the situation in Egypt would be fools to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood. But journalists on the ground in Egypt have no reason, at this point, […]


Consistency on popular uprisings.

We are again witness to the fact that the West will support popular uprisings against repressive regimes – provided of course that they’re not our allies. We should be cheering what happened in Tunisia, and what is happening in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world. If what is going on here was happening in North Korea, we’d see a swell of support from the West, encouraging them on.

I presume it’s because Western governments are afraid that Muslim fundamentalists will come to power – but as mentioned elsewhere, they’re not in the lead on this. Besides, when the West funded these governments with money to support them, rather then […]


How does a conservative demonstrate his “manliness”?

They apparently do it by calling for an assassination. See Tom Flanagan proclaim this on CBC about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Forget those wimpy courts and rule of law and due process and the innocent til presumed guilty part – just use a drone to get the job done!

I note a pattern amongst conservatives where a lot of these “law and order” conservatives quickly forget about the “law” part.. and the “order” part for that matter. (By the way, if I were this blogger, I’d re-title the caption from What Has My Country Come To? and change it to ‘What Has My Country’s Conservatives come to? They’ve obviously […]


Environmental inaction and subterfuge.

For years, the Harper government has claimed we can’t do anything on lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions until the Americans do something on it, so we can “harmonize” the plan with theirs. That was seen by many as an excuse of Harper’s to do nothing, because he knew the Bush administration would do nothing, and he calculated Obama’s administration would not be able to pass anything with Republican obstructionism in the Congress. He was correct on the second part, but Obama had a back-up plan, which apparently our Canadian government knew nothing about (when it’s been repeated for a few months that this is what would be done – I’ve seen […]


Looking at the bright side of a non-working cannon: it can’t blow you up.

Don Martin of the National Post takes Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon heavily to task in his column today. The dispute with the UAE over airspace rights, and then the closing of our military base there, the botched UN Security Council seat, and the fact he was being two-faced over the Omar Khadr plea bargain are all listed – all examples of someone who appears to be out of his depth.

There is a second phase of criticism however that appears down the column – apparently Minister Cannon has been rather neglectful with meeting any of the foreign ambassadors here: he’s much too busy apparently:

..the Embassy newspaper has […]


Conservatives: those diplomats let Khadr come home

So yesterday, we find out Canada was negotiating all along with the US in agreeing to a plea bargain, despite Foreign Minister Cannon’s claims to the contrary (which he ridiculously tried to continue using in Question Period yesterday). Today, Brian Lilley of the Sun writes there was a bitter Cabinet argument over the fact Canada had accepted the plea agreement, and now there are apparently “top Conservatives” blaming Canadian diplomats for exceeding their authority:

The deal appears to have been sealed while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was travelling in Europe and there is the suggestion that foreign affairs officials used this time to offer and accept more than Harper was […]

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