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What thousands of (Tundra) swans sound like

A slightly different blogpost today then I usually do. It’s about Swans. Tundra Swans to be exact.. and thousands of them;

There may be other types of swans or geese in that gaggle, but the calls they’re making indicate this is a large flock of Tundra swans. This is in a farmer’s field just north of Tillsonburg.. Lots of people slowing down or stopping to get out and look or take pictures.



‘Just Stay’ book details couple’s last journey together against cancer.

On this Thanksgiving long weekend, I decided this was a good day to publicize a book that my cousin has just published. It is called “Just Stay”; it details the year and a half journey that she took with her husband, Rob, when he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in August 2009, to the day he passed away in late September, 2010. Here is an explanation from Jen in her foreword a bit about the book:

When Rob was diagnosed with cancer, I made a decision to leave my job and become Rob’s primary caregiver for whatever short period we had left together. Within a very brief time, a […]


Non-political post – 3D printing for everyone

A slight break from politics today. I thought I’d point you to a very interesting article at the Financial Post, which features an article on Panda Robotics and 3D Printing and the effort to bring that to home users – where it was once only found in design studios and research labs.

I reference it because the fellow who owns it was once a fellow Progressive Blogger (and he may still consider himself that 😉 ) Kelly John Rose. In fact, this blog of mine is sitting on one of Kelly’s servers.. so I think the least I could do is to publicize what he’s up to with his […]


Olympics stuff

So as of the blogpost, Canada has got 1 medal so far in the London 2012 Games. We’re ahead of the pace in Beijing, where it took until Day 8 to get our first medal. I’ve been watching stuff here and there over the weekend, and I’ve actually not minded the TSN/CTV/Sportsnet coverage; they’ve done well to show events live, as well as not over play their “I Believe” theme song they regurgitated after Vancouver 2010. (I didnt see it being played at all when Canada won their first medals on Sunday, and that’s a good thing).

Compare that to the coverage NBC is doing – showing almost no live […]


Happy after-Canada Day

I hope everyone had a good Canada Day yesterday and enjoys the day off today. I won’t be one of those, as where I work, we deal with US clients, so we’ll be in at work today. On the other hand, they’re giving us the July 4th day off for the exact same reason, and I did have a long weekend from taking Friday off, so I’m not complaining too badly.


Blogging for a good cause/fundraiser, Part #2

The 2nd good cause I’m blogging about today (Good cause #1 is located here) is called “Watoto Wa Baraka”. Basically, they are trying to raise funds to build a rural school in Kenya. The parent organization has been working with helping orphans, and this is a new project that they’ve initiated. It’s so new it’s not up on their website yet, but their small team of volunteers is working to get it updated.

I was informed of this project by my friend Michelle Oliel, who is a former Liberal/Progressive blogger and who is now based overseas. She has been a volunteer at the site (her page on Facebook shows her […]


Blogging for a good cause/fundraiser, Project #1

I’ve had a couple of good causes/fundraisers brought to my attention, & I decided I’d give each one their own unique blogpost.

The first one is for a project called “The Cola Road”. Claire Ward is the person who is asking for your donations. If her name is familiar, she has worked as an associate editor at Macleans Magazine, and still contributes articles to them.

Rather then have me explain the project, I’ll let Claire explain it in her own words (more info is at the link as well):

You can give donations at the main page, or at the very least, you can spread the word via Facebook […]


Season’s Greetings

I’ve been off for a few days enjoying the holidays – I’ve not gone anywhere online – don’t worry 🙂

Anyhow, to all my political friends, foes, and in between, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you the best for the upcoming New Year.


If I go missing after this Friday, this is the reason why

Elders Scroll V: Skyrim, is due to be released. Some video of the scenery and characters that was released by Bethesda, the maker of the game, has me drooling:

If Harper is going to send this country to Hell in a handbasket, as I believe he will, at least I’ll have a distraction. Send me an email when the next election rolls around.. I may be busy for a while 🙂

UPDATE @ 5:53 pm: New animation/finishing combat moves video released! (Warning; not for the squeamish)


Destruction in Goderich

If you missed it from yesterday, Goderich Ontario was struck by a tornado that developed from a thunderstorm coming off of Lake Huron yesterday (Sunday) at around 4 pm EDT. It was a bad one:

Numerous buildings were completely destroyed, with roofs and siding ripped off. An entire residential block had to be evacuated as crews worked to contain a large gas leak. Tragically, one man who was working in the salt mine at the time the storm ripped through was killed..While the investigation in the tornado ravaged community continues, Environment Canada considers the tornado to be rated an F2 or F3 storm on the Fujita Scale with winds over […]

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