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An observation of mine on the weather/climate change

When a cold snap or a blizzard hits the US deep South, those people who are climate change skeptics are quick to denounce “global warming” or “climate change” as being fake, or hooey, or so on.

I’ve not heard that same claim however over the worst heat wave to grip North American in well over 2o years. There’s either a lot of silence out there, or they NOW embrace the idea that it’s a “random weather event”.

That’s called trying to have the climate change argument both ways.


‘It is SO hot out’. ‘How hot out is it?’

We’re in the middle of a Canadian wide heat-wave here (with the exception of the east and west coasts); one of the more extensive ones we’ve had in a while.

I thought it might be fun to do one of those “It is so hot out” threads. The obvious one people can come up with is “you can fry an egg on the sidewalk” (and you probably will be able to on Thursday in SW Ontario – forecast highs are 36-38 deg Celsius, before the humidity), but I’d like to see other examples people can come up with.

IF you’re really creative, try giving the answer in a political […]


A contrast

During the Olympics, Vancouver folks were very patriotic, yet very civilized in their fervour, as it should be.

A year later, their hockey team loses a 7th game in the Stanley Cup final – a team supposedly representing all of Canada (which I’ve already said is baloney), and a sizable chunk of them decide to set their city on fire and destroy stuff. What happened in just over a year?


Things that bug me about the Stanley Cup

One thing that really annoys me is banks making commercials trying to gain favour by going all nationalistic and pulling out the “Canada hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 18 years!”. A newsflash to them and to a lot of fans saying the same thing: this isn’t the Olympics. This is 2 teams representing their cities, not their countries. There are as many Canadians on Boston’s team as Vancouver’s. Last year’s Stanley Cup champions, the Chicago Black Hawks, had the most Canadians of any team in the playoffs. Why weren’t they “Canada’s team?”

Let’s save the fervour of cheering for your country at actual Canada vs USA games at international […]


And now for something completely different..

I don’t often post a lot on here other then political blogposts, but it’s the end of the weekend, and not much is going on, so I thought I’d post something else (okay, I could talk about the Senate page protesting Harper’s throne speech and getting canned, but several thousand others have already done so).

In my spare time, I am a big fan of Role Playing Games, or RPGS. I’ve played some online, and I play those I like that are home versions. One of the major games I’ve always liked is The Elder Scrolls, which has been coming out from Bethesda Softworks since 1994. They have a new […]


Help send kids who are battling cancer to camp

This caught my eye on Twitter from a blogging acquaintance of mine. Brandie Weikle, who blogs at and is also the editor for the Toronto Star’s and section, is on a team trying to raise money to sends kids who have cancer to Camp Oochigeas, but they’re about 700$ short of their fund raising goal.

If you’d like to donate to her team and help them in their worthy cause, go to the page here to click on a name of the team to donate. I’m going to donate to Ms. Weikle, since I know her, but you can donate to whoever you like. (there are a […]


Spending the night in an Emergency waiting room.

No political post this AM; too much going on. I had to go down to my local hospital’s Emergency clinic last night to get a minor thing checked out, and ended spending 3 1/2 hours there and not getting home til after midnight. I was off to the pharmacy very early this AM to get my prescription, so it’s been a bit nutso.

The long wait did allow me to watch CTV’s Monday night programming in the waiting room. I can’t say I was too impressed – I’m not much into sitcoms. Oh, and I’m not really too unhappy about the long wait, or rather, I can understand it. That’s […]


On semi-hiatus til the New Year

A little note that I’m enjoying my Christmas/New Years vacation away at my folks.. and probably won’t be doing any posting on a regular basis until Jan 3 or 4 (unless something comes along that really grabs my attention).

If you need me however, you know how to get a hold of me. I check my email account(s) on a regular basis.


Merry Christmas to all!

A short blogpost tonight on Christmas Eve – short and sweet and to the point :

To all my readers, I would just like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for the holiday season.


A request to whoever makes the poppies for Remembrance Day

I will always wear and donate money to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day – both in honour of all who served Canada in WW I/II etc, as well as specifically in honour of both of my (still alive) grandfathers, who both served in WW II.

That said.. I wish the makers of the poppies would do what is apparently done in Britain. They do not have a single needle in the back of the poppy that you try to stick into your shirt/coat etc as best as you can and hope it stays there (and it often doesn’t). They have apparently put a safety pin in the back of […]

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