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Stalemate: Poll (Decima).

It must be polling release day or something. Strategic Council released another poll this AM which shows a still sizable Conservative lead – one that as Christine pointed out, caused even CTV to issue a disclaimer that SC’s poll have been showing higher Conservative support then other polling companies.

As if to verify that, Decima releases a poll on the same day that shows a virtual tie “with little sign of momentum”:

The latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey had support for both the major federal parties flatlining at 32 per cent. The NDP was at 17 per cent, the Bloc Quebecois nine and the Green party was at eight. The […]


Ontario Young Liberals: Want free booze and free hotel accommodations for yourself and your friends?

…well then, apparently all you have to do is vote for the “OYL Beyond” slate of candidates at the Hamilton AGM, as detailed by Jamie Callingham over at his blog. Heck, you don’t even have to be an Ontario Young Liberal to go: as long as you’re friends of any OYL’ers who go to this party, you get to go too -as long as you vote for their slate.

Background Info: What Jamie is showing is the invite he got in his email making him aware of a Facebook group that got put up. I should make it clear that Jamie has endorsed the OYL Roots candidates slate – the […]


Conservative Loathing

Let me just add a little codicil to my previous post and suggest that this phenomenon of what can only be described as a sneering contempt for one’s own party and the vast majority of people who likewise support it (or at least vote for it from time to time) seems to be unique to ideologues and partisans of the Conservative variety. I’m unaware of a similarly conflicted animus of contemptuous self-loathing within the ranks of diehard Liberal or NDP partisans, although I have to confess that I don’t generally mix with such people, so I could be well be wrong about that.

Perhaps in private, some Liberal zealots (almost a contradiction in terms right there) feel that those who vote for the party are somehow insufficiently “big government” or “Statist” and that some might even have dangerous tendencies towards entrepreneurialism and free market economics. Goodness, some of them may even lean too heavily towards fiscal probity and circumspect accounting theories! Some could even be against crime and heretically pro-American!

Similarly, maybe there are some ardent Dippers who feel that the Revolution just isn’t coming along at a fast enough clip, its teaming 17 percent of the electorate simply not working to maximum efficiency as they go about the business of undermining the economy, secularizing everything in sight, creating mountains of stifling government regulations and imposing their rigid materialist dogma on the foundational moral pillars of our society. After all, what with God stubbornly flying in the face of Nietzsche and being not quite dead yet, there’s always a big hill for deterministic heathens to climb in that department!

All kidding aside though, while some Liberals, Dippers, and Greens are unquestionably more passionate about their politics, their ideology (although it’s arguable whether the Liberals actually have one these days, but that’s another discussion) and commitment to their party’s given assortment of “aspirational goals” than the “average” voter is, it’s almost inconceivable to imagine any of their diehards disparaging the majority of those voters from the “mushy middle” who support them from time to time, other than perhaps to deem them as being “soft” in terms of their dependability come election time. And while they might express disappointment (sometimes profoundly so) in their own party, the thought of comparing them to… well, I don’t know what, really seems out of the question. I think it’s fair to say that the three parties of the “Left” (or “progressives” if you prefer) are each, in their own way, reasonably true to their values and beliefs.

The same however it would seem cannot be said of the Conservatives. Their diehards for example have no compunction whatsoever about comparing their largely disinterested, vaguely left-of-centre supporters drawn from the “mushy middle” and even the self-declared Conservative ones in various regions of the country to a party and a group that they
regularly demonize as being the perfidious embodiment of everything that’s wrong with society. Moreover, they apply this same label of scornful derision to their own party establishment!

It’s quite curious really. Is it possible that despite the extensive papering over of various differences within the party and notable ideological rifts that existed up until a very few short years ago, there’s still a roiling identity crisis within the Conservative Party? Is the confident self-assurance of the Big Blue Machine more illusion than reality? Perhaps the only thing holding this rickety contraption together is the bonding glue of power and the “magnetism” of a leader who managed to revive the political fortunes of “conservatives” at a singularly opportune time with a selfishly appealing yet simplistic agenda, but with no real vision. At least not a truly “conservative” one, according to some.


A good new starting point for electoral reform

I was asked in the prior thread about someone seeing post that seemed to make a lot of sense how to go about proposing electoral reform federally, or possibly even provincially.  That would be this post by A PG Liberal. I’m not particularly crazy about throwing the added complication of trying to reform the Senate as well – since that will require the Constitution to be amended, and any electoral reforms to the House does not – but it’s a well thought out proposal.


Another Liberal blog endorses MMP.

Jason Morris over at has been a bit skeptical of MMP and if it was really the electoral reform Ontario needed (he actually prefers STV, which I didn’t know), and I’ve had a few mild arguments with him on the topic.

So, I’m really pleased to see that he has taken a look at how the Citizen’s Assembly formed their decision, and he has come out and endorsed MMP and hopes Ontario will as well.  Unofficially, as he hasn’t got his  blog on the site yet, that brings to 22 Liberal blogs that have endorsed MMP at the Liberals For MMP blogsite – better then I expected at this point, to be honest.


Lapdog or ideological soulmate?

Either way, all you need to know about Harper’s relationship with the US is stated in this single paragraph this AM in the Star:

Harper now stands virtually alone among U.S. allies in not condemning or even criticizing the Guantanamo prison camp, which even the administration here concedes has become a stain on America’s reputation worldwide.

..wouldn’t want to criticize his American Idol in Bush and get him ticked off at us, now would we.


Admin note: trying to speed up the site.

Some are saying to me that this site takes too long to load. I dont really notice it on my end with high speed access (well.. it sometimes takes a few seconds, but I’m not sure that counts as slow), but I’m going to turn off a few plugins to see if that speeds things up. The most significant one to start with will be the ability for users to edit their own comments within a 5 min time period. Let me know if turning any of these extra plugins off speeds up the load of the site for those experiencing slowdowns.


Worth repeating

Mike from Rational Reasons rebuttal in the 159-124 message thread to a conservative poster’s assertion that “These measures were not abused so the clause should have been extended.” is worth repeating:

Why? Not only were they not abused, they were not used. The potential exists for abuse and the police seem to be doing just fine without them, so why have them around. Frankly, the burden of proof is on those who wanted these measures to be extended to make the case. They needed to show, quite forcefully, that these measures must continue. They did not. The best they came up with was “it will scuttle Air India” – which didn’t hold water considering:

– that the RCMP and government’s own reluctance to provide un-redacted evidence to Justice John Major is threatening to scuttle the enquiry.
– that the RCMP, who have been investigating this crime for 22 years, have had access to these provisions for 5 years and never used them.
– that the Conservatives themselves agreed in committee in October that the renewal would only apply to future, new investigations not past one (thus excluding Air India) and as late as yesterday morning, Harper offered to agree to THAT agreement, essentially scuttling the Air India investigation as he implied the Liberals would do.

All of this for measures that are a clear danger to our civil rights, that have never been used – the police have foiled plots since 9-11 using good old fashioned police work (Toronto 17 anyone?). Clamouring to keep these measures to “protect” us from terrorism, despite the fact that we are more likely to die in a car accident, by drowning or by taking prescription drugs that by terrorist acts, seem rather silly. Cowardly almost.

I’m glad they are gone – good riddance to bad, unneeded laws with a huge potential for abuse.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mike.

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