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The voting commences at the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards

First round of voting is now in progress at the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards (with one notable category exception. It seems those unhappy that this category was even there to begin with tried to make a mockery of the nomination process, so the CBA folks are correctly trying to sort the legitimate nominees from the ones sent in trying to discredit it, and I’m sure voting for it will begin shortly).

Despite the fact the numerous categories (and at times numerous blogs and choices to vote for) make this feel like an American type ballot with all its numerous questions, I encourage you to go and vote for your […]


Sunday shenanigans

– As Calgary Grit says, this is very interesting, and its musings are backed up somewhat by this. My only thoughts are that if Kennedy is musing on running again -this time as a “Liberal Renewal – 308 riding candidate”, the proof will be in the pudding, the devil will be in the details, etc.

– The 2008 Canadian Blog Awards start up again (with still a month to go before 2008 is over. Heh.) Head on over and nominate your favourite blog in the categories listed.

UPDATE @ 3:39 pm: Ouch. NBC Correspondent Lawrence O’Donnell, in the aftermath of Sarah Palin getting prank called by a couple of Canadian […]

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