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Thoughts on BC – mostly on electoral reform.

Some thoughts on the BC election/electoral reform referendum yesterday: Gordon Campbell comes through again, winning a third straight term as Liberal premier, which makes him only one of four leaders to be elected 3 straight terms. Whether you like him or not, that’s impressive. That’s my one thought on the general election; the rest of this blogpost deals with the failure of STV to pass in the electoral reform referendum (read more): […]


Chretien still has it.

Best line of the night from the Brampton rally, where he introduced Dion:

He told Canadians in the midst of a market meltdown that it is time for Canadians to invest their remaining savings in the market…Since he said that the market has plunged another 1,000 points. That’s right. He said it was a good time to buy. On Tuesday Canadians will say ‘bye, bye Steve’.

I want audio of that 😉

Aha.. I get audio of that Chretien speech – and video too!

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