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Stephen Harper now apparently loves artistic galas.

Remember how Harper defended his cuts to certain cultural programs with the line more or less saying that artists and such are just elitists going to fancy galas with fancy dresses and suits not worthy of being funded (when in actuality, the average salary of an artist is around 20 grand)?

I guess with this brochure platform Harper has released hastily, he has now decided he wants to recapture the elitist gala vote, if I get the subliminal messaging of this photo in his brochure platform:

Look, It’s Harper with a couple of cellos! There’s a kid! Harper’s smiling! (Ok, it’s a little frozen, but give the guy a […]


Canadian artists react to Harper’s attack on Canadian culture.

Here are some of those $ 23 000/yr average salary arts elitists reacting to the Conservatives cuts to Canadian arts programs.

My take on Harper’s attempt at playing a culture war and engaging in classic Karl Rove and Mike Harris wedge/class politics is just below, if you missed it from last night.

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