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Is Harper stubborn enough to create a martyr?

Chief Teresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nations is into her third week of her hunger strike. Her chief demand has NOT been for a personal meeting with Harper, as some are claiming (both friends and opponents) but:

Spence launched her protest with a vow to “die” unless the Conservative government started showing more respect to First Nations concerns and aboriginal treaties. She is demanding a meeting between the Crown, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nations leaders to create a new relationship.

That has been reiterated in a tweet by Bob Rae this AM:

Chief Spence has made it clear to me in our conversations she is NOT […]


These Conservatives must really hate Charlie Angus

Mr. Angus is the NDP MP for the Timmins-James Bay riding, if you’re not aware. This happens to be the riding that the Attawapiskat Native Reserve is in, where the conditions are so poor, members of the Canadian Red Cross volunteered to go up and try to help the Natives, and the Ontario government also offered aid, despite Ottawa claiming this was their jurisdiction – embarrassing the federal Conservative government in the process – internationally, I might add.

What does the Conservative government do? It decides rather then bowing to pressure to step in and help these folks, its going to try and insinuate the people there of wasting the […]


A new low in ‘ten-percenter’ political ads from the Conservatives.

I have to agree with Cameron: this is probably the most disgusting cheap-shot type “ten-percenter” political ads I’ve seen come from the Conservatives (which is saying a lot, considering what they’ve been sending out), and I say that even when it’s not targeting a Liberal. It’s targeting NDP MP Charlie Angus, the MP who has been highlighting the plight of the children of the First Nations of Attawapiskat and fighting for them to get a new school to replace their old contaminated one.

To say that this ad is full of bunk is an understatement. This 10 percenter flyer is full of Pierre Poilievre-type cheapshots in this thing, delivered to […]


How you can help Attawapiskat: Sign the petition!

We’ve raised some awareness of this Cree Community and its children’s lack of a school, but how else can people act to help these folks in the fight for a proper school?

You can go here and sign a petition calling on the Federal Government to do just that. I could have also provided a link to write Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl, but I suspect that would be like talking to a wall. I think the strength in numbers approach will work better in busting that wall over for the people of Attawapiskat.

UPDATE: I’ve added this link to the frontpage at Progressive Bloggers, since there’s been a very good response and people have been writing about this and asking what they can do to help. I think a bit of frontpage exposure in the announcements section over there is more then justified.


Attawapiskat: the human faces to Conservative indifference.

This is a picture of children from the Cree community of Appawapiskat. The community and these kids have been advocating to the federal government for years for funds to help build a new school to replace their old one, which has been declared condemned. They had received promises from both federal Liberal and Conservative Indian Affairs Ministers that the school would be built, but nothing has been done. Now, however, the ultra-compassionate (said with sarcasm) Chuck Strahl has point-blank said that the school wouldn’t be built. Not on the priority list, according to Chuck, even though these kids have been without a school for eight years.

In the meantime, one of the kids, Thirteen-year-old Shannen Koostachin, has been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts in getting the new school. That award is given out by the same folks who give out the Nobel Peace Prize. It would be a great honour for Shannen, and at the same time an extreme embarrassment to the Conservative government, if she were to win that award and the school had still been refused funding.

That isn’t the only action these kids have taken:

The youth have sent notice to the federal government, letting them know they intend to send a report to the UN detailing Indian and Northern Affairs’ failure to build a school. It will be addressed in the upcoming review of Canada’s obligations under the Conventions on the Rights of the Child. “We want what every other kid takes for granted, we want a new school,” said Shannen Koostachin, 14…The group would like to invite the UN to visit Attawapiskat and “walk a mile in our moccasins” to see what students are forced to live with every day — a request Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Minister Chuck Strahl denied when students visited Ottawa.

Of course Chuck would deny the UN the opportunity to visit the community – because it would guarantee international condemnation (which it still might anyhow). It would show the world that while the Conservatives may mouth apologies for past wrong deeds and speak nice words (which still get sneered at by the likes of Pierre Poilievre), it can’t act on current wrong deeds.

H/T to Cam for highlighting the plight of the kids and community of Attawapiskat and asking if other bloggers would also highlight this to try and raise awareness. I’m happy to do so.

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