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Some more cracks appear internally in the Conservative Party

There are some Conservative Senators who apparently don’t like being parrots for Harper all the time, but I didn’t expect to see a split like this over unions:

The already testy relationship between Conservative MPs and the Senate hit more rocks Wednesday, as a group of Tory senators helped to gut a bill backed by their colleagues in the House of Commons. The private member’s bill would have forced unions to file financial statements, making public any expenses over $5,000, along with the salaries of their employees making more than $100,000…More than a third of the Conservative caucus in the Senate helped to pass a radical amendment to the bill […]


Listen live to the Cons. filibuster of Bill C377!

If you’re wondering what Bill C377 is, thats the “Climate Change Accountability Act”.  The Cons. have been filibustering this in the Environment Committee because it tacks on hard targets (or what our environmental allies call “science-based targets”) of a reduction of 25% of CO2 emissions by 2020.   I was sent an email today from Ruth Edwards, the Executive Coordinator of Climate Action Network Canada-Réseau action climate Canada, who mentioned there was going to be some local activists there (also mentioned in Kady O’Malley’s blogpiece) to try and put pressure on the Committee (read: the Cons) to finally get back to work on this bill and passing it so it can be sent back to Parliament.

If you wish to listen to the proceedings, and hear what an attempted fillibuster sounds like (and experience what Kady O’Malley has to put up with when she liveblogs these), Ms. Edwards has kindly supplied me with the link where you can listen (it starts at 3 pm Eastern).

UPDATE: Due to the opposition parties being asleep at the switch, the meeting was adjourned and we all get to do this again, according to Kady. I’m sure she’s looking forward to it.

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