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The Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament surpasses 127 000 members today.

I, and no doubt the entire nation (or maybe just the nation of those who blog and read blogs) breathlessly await .. no.. YEARN.. for Mr. Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory head and organizer of anti-coalition marches and FB protest groups last year, to now admit that yes, CAPP has met his threshold that he arbitrarily set as his marker to make the group legit (in his eyes anyhow) as a legit expression of grasroots outrage/protest.

I somehow think I’m going to be disappointed waiting – I suspect the goalposts are going to be moved by him.

UPDATE a moment later: Ah.. I see it wasn’t long in that last prediction […]


Hypocrisy, thy name is The Blogging Tories.

So apparently, the big Conservative plan of attack on Mr. Ignatieff today has been to charge that he doesn’t even donate money to his own party. All types of Conservative bloggers and ahem, friendly news aggregators, have apparently been given their orders to parrot this around today.

I have just a couple of suggestions to our digging dirt right-wing compatriots:

a) I’d suggest the Conservatives do some better research at that multi-million dollar war-room facility of theirs, which would have showed that Mr Ignatieff and his wife have indeed donated to the LPC the past several years, as Warren documents at his blog at the above link.

b) Also courtesy […]


“Iggy is too uppity to be a leader”

That will apparently be the Conservatives – or at least the Blogging Tories – line going after Ignatieff come the next election, if this blogentry of Stephen Taylor that was highlighted over at Macleans is any indication. Apparently, Harper’s attending more hockey games then Ignatieff shows he has the appeal to the common man, or something, while Iggy being the grandson of a Russian czar is supposed to invoke negative connotations; maybe Mr. Taylor is inferring that Iggy would betray our oil rights in the Arctic under the melted Arctic ice to Vladimir Putin, or something.

By the way, let’s take a look at how much empathy and how many […]


Just curious about 1 thing over this potential defeat of Harper.

How many Blogging Tory sites before and during the election campaign were calling on Harper and the Conservatives to eliminate public election financing? For that matter, how many were calling for it in between election day and prior to the leakage about Flaherty intending to eliminate it 3 days ago?

It certainly wasn’t in the Conservative Party platform. And, as I recall, it wasn’t passed or even talked about as a resolution out at the CPC policy Convention in Winnipeg.

Strange how it’s become a matter of utmost importance now that the Conservative government is in peril, eh?


Attempt at a gotcha moment, Part 2.

With regards to my earlier blogpost on Steve Janke trying to be a super-sleuth, I noticed courtesy of Red Tory’s site that Janke has done a followup to his blogpost. It appears he’s responded to CarbonZero being named as the carbon offset company for the Liberal campaign by posting this effort at his blogsite.

I saw this over at Janke’s comment thread from someone who appears to know what he is talking about:


Wanting human rights respected isn’t being “emotional”

I’m not going to get into a detailed synopsis of Stephen’s blogpiece like Red Tory did – more like a rant – but I’ll say more or less the same thing that RT did:

There’s nothing “emotional” amongst the “left-wing” about calling for due process to be followed and insisting that rules of evidence and constitutional rights to be respected. I didn’t realize those concepts are alien and foreign to Conservatives, but apparently, thats the case. Quite frankly, it shouldn’t have anything to do with “left vs right”. If Conservatives claim they are for the rule of law, then they too should be calling for Khadr’s return to Canada, as Jonathan Kay just did in the National Post recently. Stephen claims to be a libertarian Conservative; I see no evidence of libertarianism in anything he’s written on the Khadr topic so far.

On a side-note, I also get a chuckle out of his article where he claims that conservatives act on what they know to be true. Right – their inactivity on global warming in the face of all scientific consensus – even to outright denunciation of those scientific facts – plus claiming that statistics showing crime going down isn’t right because they “feel” its a problem, shows real-time evidence on that, eh Stephen? Those are 2 examples I can use – among several others. That claim is laughable; I can only presume he put that line in there in order to make his Blogging Tory readership feel good about themselves.

The bottom line is this: we in Canada are the only Western country left in the world that refuses to repatriate its citizens from Guantanamo and still laughably claim that Khadr is being treated well and that the legal process down there is fair – this is still being claimed by the Conservative government and its supporters even after the US Supreme Court recently ruled otherwise. Harper and his bunch are being shown for what they are – Bush clones for their attempting to ignore constitutional rights and human rights. I’ve no doubt if he thought he could get away with it, that Harper would be trying to set up military tribunals up here and remove Canadian constitutional protection from people accused of these offences – all in the name of national security. Their attitude with Guantanamo and more or less claiming they believe the tribunals down there could handle things better then the Canadian court system up here (in essence, being afraid Khadr would be found innocent) is direct evidence of that.

The only thing I can say for Stephen’s piece is he’s writing it mainly for his Conservative Kool-Aid crowd’s benefit. It befits a blog article on the Blogging Tory site – it would be insulting the intelligence of Canadians if it were appearing in a mainstream media newspaper article.

[email protected]:10 pm: Red Tory in a new blogpost goes after the specific arguments of Taylor against repatriating Omar Khadr.


Paranoia and delusional = a scary combo.

Ok, I’m not sure what makes me more worried – the fact that there are Blogging Tories going around photographing reporters and trying to use who they socialize with in their off-time as proof there is a “liberal bias” in the media, or that the majority of the conservative commentators on the said blog are congratulating the blogger for doing what they did and bravely asserting this proves the liberal media bias (most from folks who decided to bravely remain anonymous, I might note).

At least Stephen Taylor to his credit got on there and said this was rather unsettling and didn’t show any proof at all of this supposed bias. I’m thinking though he may have more of these folks with like mind running around on his blogroll then he would care to admit. You might wanna tighten up the membership requirements over there, Stephen.

[email protected]:43 pm: Red Tory discovers more evidence of the sinister plot by the MSM to infiltrate Conservative ranks and become moles – they hang out with known Conservatives! I expect we’ll hear calls from the horrified Conservative bloggers for a Royal Commission on blogger/journalist ethics.


On picking and choosing parliamentary convention.

I saw this over at Accidental Deliberations this morning over where Steve Janke is apparently advocating that the Liberals be stripped of their Official Opposition title as a party by the Governor-General and the title handed to the NDP, because according to Steve’s logic, since they abstained from the Throne Speech, they aren’t really providing an effective opposition. The Jurist over at AC is surprised no Liberal bloggers have come forth to criticize his proposal. I’ll say it’s probably because it’s such a dumb proposal, no one at Liberal blogging land really feels it necessary to go after. Since I’ve got nothing better to do, I’ll be the first, if only to have a Liberal-aligned blogger on the record.

First, I didn’t see this post at his site back in 2005 advocating the same thing be done to a Conservative Party led by Mr Harper who also abstained on the Paul Martin-led Throne Speech. Steve wasn’t apparently paying attention that particular session of Parliament. (UPDATE: I’m informed by one prominent Tory supporter that actually, Harper abstained on the Budget, not the Throne Speech, which doesn’t change the point. In fact, it really makes Janke’s idea even worse; since the Budget is a much more relevant thing to oppose then the Throne Speech).

Second, I’ll repeat what I said at Jurist’s comment section; I just love how Conservatives like Janke advocate the use of power if it benefits their position or their party. Apparently an appointed GG using powers that are not used at all anymore for precisely that reason is ok with Steve for overriding all parliamentary convention, if it can be used as a partisan device to attack the Liberals with.

But, in a future scenario, if Madame Jean is in a position to use her her powers that would hurt Harper – say refuse Harper’s request to dissolve the House and instead asks the next largest party (that being the Liberals) to form the government – you can bet Janke will be leading the hue and cry about the draconian use of the GG’s unelected, undemocratic powers.

Why not allow the Senate with its Liberal majority to offer “sober second thought”, without all the grumblings from Blogging Toryland and Conservatives in general of it being appointed, while we’re at it, Steve? And why, for that matter, in your scenario are you directly bypassing the BQ – the 3rd largest party in the House, and also the Official Opposition at one time in Parliament not so long ago – and appointing the NDP as the standard-bearer?

I’ve often criticized Steve’s “investigations” as being worthless and chasing after windmills Don Quixote style, but after seeing posts/proposals like this, maybe he should stick to his investigations and leave the proposals for someone else to do. (although his ideological companion, Stephen Taylor isn’t doing much better, either. He’s proposing that Harper ignore or rebuke the Liberals and refuse to answer their questions in QP, which as the Jurist points out, they already do with every opposition party’s questions that are politically inconvenient, never mind the Liberals. For that matter, they already employ that tactic with the media, so it’s nothing new, Steve #2).

UPDATE: Mr Taylor The Blogging Tories are apparently on a roll today for statements that make you raise your eyebrows, even more so then Janke. As Red Tory points out, they’re also distorting poll numbers at their homepage.

UPDATE 2: Stephen Taylor informs Red Tory he’s taken the banner down. Now its replaced with the claim that the BT Community is home to the “Fastest Growing Political Forums in Canada”. They might be, they might not. I’m sure Mr. Taylor has documented evidence to back that claim up, right Steve? 😉

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