Ontario Liberal Party Convention: blogging opportunities?

BigCityLib asked about this last month. I’ve put forth an inquiry to someone I know up in Toronto Liberal HQ about whether the access that the NDP provided us bloggers (of all political stripes) will be replicated at the Ontario Liberal Party Convention.. (that hopefully includes the access we had there.. and not the costs the federal cousins wanted to do for the privilege of attending with less access a year or 2 back).

As soon as I know, I’ll let you all know.


On resolving “Freeping” at the Canadian Blog Awards.

If you’re a blogger or a regular blog reader, you would know there has been a certain level of controversy swirling around this year’s Canadian Blog Awards. I’m not here to talk about that specific aspect of it – I’ve made my views on the actions of some rather publicly known, and I’ve also been participating behind the scenes on that same action, and I don’t think it would be appropriate to discuss that in public.

No, my little spiel on it today is related to what StageLeft talks about here. I agree with the concerns brought up about dedicated supporters of any one blog going out and mass rigging the vote so that their favourite blog wins. Some would say who cares; it’s just supposed to be a fun thing (though prior controversy seems to have messed with that a bit). Others though, get a tad upset about the manipulation of voting – and limiting it thru IP only works to limited degree.

The way to solve it is to take the voting out altogether from the general populace. Set up a “Awards Committee” or panel of well-known bloggers or blogging observers and let them vote on the nominees. That in the long run means mass manipulation of voting will not rig these. I would urge the organizers of the CBA’s to consider this.