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An election in the spring?

Liberal MP Garth Turner seems to think so. From his blogposting today:

On the following Monday, the barrage begins. The debate on Afghanistan will hit the floor of the House on that day, followed by the federal budget the next afternoon. Forty-eight hours later, the first budget confidence vote, on a BQ amendment. Then, when I return from speaking to the big Liberal conflab in Halifax the following weekend, there will be the final two budget votes – both confidence and one (likely in the evening of March 3rd) will bring down the government. Of course, this might change. But I doubt it.

I’m not sure if Garth is going on a gut feeling from what he’s heard inside the Liberal caucus, or if he has first-hand knowledge, but this would be a welcome development for some of us in the Liberal netroots who have been waiting for the Nervous Nellies in the Liberal caucus to stop poll-watching or cowering in fear at every Stephen Harper non-confidence threat. They’ve been making the Democratic Party in the US look tough as it comes to their fear of George Bush every time he shouts “Terror, 9/11, Terror” over not getting his way on another security bill that eviscerates more of the US Constitution.

The Democrats in the House finally stood up to this bullying this past week – perhaps that’s a good omen for some of us  that the Liberals might finally get it that standing up to a bully will win you a lot more respect with the electorate for standing up for your principles then sticking your head in the sand, as some of the Liberals have been wont to do, far too many times for some of our liking.

Slightly off-topic, I’d be kind of interested if Liblogs could run an informal poll amongst the members to see if the yearning for an election is as strong amongst the Liberal grass/netroots as it appears from reading many blogposts of Liberals frustrated at some in the Liberal Party who would rather wait for “ideal” conditions –whatever those may be.

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