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Prorogation reform by the opposition parties.

In brief, the NDP are the first to come out with a proposal on what they’d do to prevent the abuse of the prorogation power. Steve V over at Far and Wide is a bit ticked that the NDP beat the Liberals to the punch, even as he acknowledges that this proposal from the NDP isn’t exactly earth-shattering in its scope.

Personally, as long as the Liberals release something that would be a substantial plank in their platform and more then just an afterthought statement, I don’t mind they come out 2nd in releasing statements. I just hope it’s soon, and that it has meat on its bones that could […]


No prorogue protests via text message

This is another innovative way to register your protest to Harper’s unnecessary proroguing of Parliament; by text message:

…we’ve launched a real-time text-messaging system that will also work across Canada for all of the CAPP rallies. The idea is to have rally participants (and even those at home) take out their cellphones and text their thoughts about prorogation to 347-614-2765. The software I’ve written will immediately publish the incoming text-messages to Twitter (@noproroguewall) and will also reply to them with a website URL so they can “keep in touch” after they get home.

Go ahead and try it now – send any text message to 347-614-2765. You’ll get a response […]


A plug/announcement for the January 23 No Prorogue! Rally in Toronto

One of the organizers of this event asked me if I’d consider posting this announcement, and I’m happy to oblige, since I have a fair # of Toronto and area readers. (Remember, check No Prorogue’s website for Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament closest rallies nearest to you if you want to attend one): ———-

NO to prorogation! YES to democracy!

Canadians against Proroguing Parliament (Toronto) has organized a rally and march for Saturday, January 23 at 1:00pm at Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. And we urgently need your help to promote it. Here’s how you can help spread the word:

Download promotional materials. Everything is available online – posters, leaflets, stickers, […]


Some articles/data on prorogation

There’s a great article by Professor Michael Geist on the explosive growth on the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group and how critics of the group have missed the point of social advocacy today in the Toronto Star. Geist, as he mentions in his article, has had his own facebook group, Fair Copyright For Canada, as a barometer to measure against CAPP, and sees similarities. I won’t say much more about this other then I highly recommend reading the article, and I thought his closing paragraph was the best summary he could give:

Skeptics have pointed to rallies planned for this week as the litmus test for the effectiveness of […]


Doing what you’re supposed to (Haiti) vs not doing the job (prorogue); apples & oranges

I’ve seen a few news polls and stories asking people/wondering if the Conservative government’s reaction and response to the Haitian crisis would blunt the anger that has been directed at it because of Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament. I would argue that it shouldn’t.

The Canadian government is reacting exactly how people expect it to react when a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude occurs in a country. I’m not sure you’re going to get a lot of upside tick for humanitarian aid everyone expects it to undertake (though this government is trying hard to get that – there’s been a few complaints the past week about the photo-ops they’ve […]


Revised media reaction to prorogation.

It’s kind of amusing to watch the second guessers in the media take aim at their comrades for being wrong on the public’s negative reaction to Harper proroguing Parliament.

We start with Richard Gwyn of the Toronto Star taking aim at those pundits in general, and Andrew Coyne in particular (who said that Parliament didn’t matter) to people with a piece titled, Actually, Parliament Does Matter. (To be fair to Andrew, he did say in a follow-up blogpost that he might have been wrong about his feeling people were indifferent to shutting down Parliament).

Next up comes Rick Salutin of the Globe & Mail, who doesn’t merely go after other […]


Yet another poll release showing there are lots of anti-prorogue elitists in Canada

Ekos released a poll today, and again, the Conservatives and Liberals are in a Margin Of Error dead heat, as per Kady O’Malley:

Conservatives: 30.9 (-2.2) Liberals: 29.3 (+1.5) New Democrats: 15.3 (-0.7) Green: 11.9 (-1.6) Bloc Quebecois (in Quebec): 40.7 (+2.5) Other: 2.3 (-) Undecided: 14.0

Some analysis from Ms. O’Malley:

Any way you slice, dice, parse or dissect it, though, these numbers would suggest that this whole prorogation thing may not be working out quite as well as the prime minister might have hoped. Unless, of course, you heed those who are of the firm opinion that this has nothing to do with prorogation at all, since Canadians […]


The CAPP group’s amount of supporters now greater then the National Post’s circulation.

The numbers are give or take of course, but the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group now as of this writing is at 171 084 supporters. The National Post’s national circulation is estimated to be at around 170 000 – the same National Post whose editorial page and op-ed writers scorned the group as being any indication of a grassroots movement a week and a bit ago. (A better indicator of things is that Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory headman, and anti-coalition Facebook organizer from 2008 – has recently gone on the offensive in the NP’s full comment page against the Liberals stance and past usage of prorogation. That’s an indicator […]


Today’s edition of silly Conservative messaging on prorogue.

The first comes from Jim Flaherty, who completely contradicts Prime Minister Harper’s claims on prorogue being necessary to “recalibrate” the government’s economic priorities:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says shutting down Parliament doesn’t affect his budget consultations – they would be happening whether Parliament was in session or not. But that’s not what his boss, the Prime Minister, is saying about the need to lock up the House of Commons until March. Stephen Harper has said he needed to prorogue to concentrate on building the plan for the second phase of the economic stimulus. But meeting with reporters today in Winnipeg , Mr. Flaherty said “prorogation does not affect the consultations” […]


I get letters: Interesting idea that probably won’t happen edition…

..but still interesting nonetheless. A reader of the Progressive Bloggers site writes an email to me about the proroguing of Parliament and comes up with this idea/concept:

…what I really want to see is a grass roots swell of support for strong principled independent representatives running in the next election. Party politics needs a good overhaul and the only way it will happen is to give parliament a healthy dose of citizen presence in the House. How about flying that idea about and seeing if a list of people could be generated who have the profile and experience that would make them a viable candidate.

Here are some I have […]

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