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Very pleased to see Ignatieff’s stance on coalitions clarified.

..and that he’s more or less taking the stance I’ve been advocating that he and the Liberal leadership should be taking:

Michael Ignatieff says coalition governments are “perfectly legitimate” and he’d be prepared to lead one if that’s the hand Canadian voters deal him in the next election. But the Liberal leader says it would be disrespectful to voters and damaging to his party to try to strike any deals with the NDP before voters have spoken…”Co-operation between parties to produce political and electoral stability is not illegitimate. It’s never been illegitimate, it’s part of our system,” he said, noting that coalitions have been formed in parliamentary democracies around the […]


Make Parliament Work rally in Ottawa draws thousands.

From the wire on CP, describing a very well attended pro-Coalition rally at Parliament Hill today:

Thousands of people rallied on the steps of Parliament Hill today to support a coalition of opposition parties who tried to topple the Harper government. The crowd wasn’t deterred by the chilly weather and word that Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to suspend Parliament until late next month. Many waved signs that said “Coalition – Yes! Make Parliament Work” and “I’m a part of the 62 per cent majority” – a reference to the combined vote share of the opposition parties in the last federal election. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion […]


First major poll: pluralities support removing Harper govt, favour opposition coalition.

One of the major Conservative talking points online has been “Look at the polls that Global and CTV have put up at their sites! 70 – 80% are against what the coalition is doing!!!”


Those are not scientific polls, and one thing Conservatives both in the US and up here are good at are “freeping” online polls to make it look like their views are the majority view. Real polls are what count, and we have our first real poll out this evening from Angus Reid on the unprecedented goings-on in the past few days, and guess what, the numbers don’t favour Harper or his Con-bots:

35 […]

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