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Prematurely celebrating a “nothing” passed resolution.

By now, you’ll have heard the Conservative policy convention in Winnipeg is under virtual lockdown for media and the few non-conservative bloggers there (actually, the TWO non-conservative bloggers there. No word yet from them if any of the Blogging Tory bloggers such as Stephen Taylor are getting privileged access – something I can tell you none of us bloggers got at the 2006 Liberal Convention – Liberal bloggers or not. The policy forums were open to observe however, unlike this Conservative one).

However, there is some word leaking out from behind the iron curtain Convention policy rooms as to what has been debated by the party faithful, thanks to […]


Send in your application to blog live at the Conservatives Convention

I just would like to echo what James blogged about yesterday, and what Warren lauded a couple of days ago and encourage bloggers of the progressive stripe to go to this Conservative Party page and send in an application to apply for blogger credentials at their 2008 national convention. The Liberals did this in 2006 (and had other bloggers who were there that weren’t Liberals, including yours truly at the time), so it will be interesting to see if the Cons. credential non-Blogging Tory bloggers.

I should also mention that I had a message from Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tories headmaster, on whether I was going to apply or not and encouraging me to do so. I don’t think I will, but that indicates to me that the Conservatives will be giving credentials to some bloggers not exactly receptive to their point of view.

For those wondering where and when this is, I’m told by Stephen it’s going to be held in Winnipeg sometime after Thanksgiving. Personally, I think it would be amusing to blog there from a progressive point of view if we have gone to an election before that and the Conservatives get removed from power by then. It would be priceless seeing Stephen Harper pout on stage. Of course, he’d be insufferable if they actually managed to hold on to power, but either way, it would give folks good material to blog about.

I encourage folks to apply.

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