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Initial polling: Attack ads may be hurting Harper worse then Ignatieff.

You’ll note both Steve and Jeff commenting on Harris-Decima, and Steve commenting on Angus-Reid (Quebec only) doing some polling on the effect of the Conservative attack ads, with the initial reports being that they may be hurting Harper and the Conservatives worse then they are Ignatieff (and by extension, the Liberals).

I believe Steve said this somewhere at his site, but I’ll say it as well; this is encouraging (if you’re a Liberal, or if you just hate negative politics in general) but I would have liked to have seen these pollsters do a general poll (to go along with their attack ad polling) to show what current voter intentions […]

Conservative government appeals the Omar Khadr order to request his repatriation.

No surprise here for me about this decision by the Conservatives; they’re obviously going to go to the bitter (judicial) end to avoid any real action on Omar Khadr unless the Supreme Court forces them, or Obama beats them to the punch: (read more) […]

Watching the Abousfian Abdelrazik case with interest.

I’ve said before that I thought Abousfian Abdelrazik would have a stronger case before the Federal Court on being allowed back into Canada then Omar Khadr (and note that Omar did win his case – at least in the Federal Court), simply because of all the promises given to him by the government and then taken away, as well as the statements by our intelligence agencies he poses no threat to Canada. The UN also seems to have gotten tired of the Canadian government using it as a crutch for trying to justify keeping Abdelrazik out of Canada, as a UN official in charge of the blacklist program came out […]

Rather blatant, don’t you think?

If this isn’t pork-barrel politics, I’m not sure what is:

Liberals today released documents showing that 94 per cent of the Harper government’s Enabling Accessibility Fund went to Conservative-held ridings…The documents show how nearly $34 million of the total $35.9 million that was dispersed from the $45-million fund went to Conservative ridings, most of which went out in the days leading up to last fall’s writ drop. The bulk of the money, $30 million, went to two projects – the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness project in the riding of Calgary Northeast, then held by Conservative MP Art Hanger, and the Abilities Centre in Durham Region in Finance Minister Jim […]

The courts hand Harper and the Cons another defeat.

The Conservatives haven’t had much luck in the court system of late, and that pattern has continued (read more) […]

CONfusion (on the Khadr ruling)

You’d think the Conservatives almost seemed unprepared for the Federal Court ruling yesterday ordering the Conservative government to press for the return of Omar Khadr as soon as possible from the US. Confusion seems to reign today, as different Conservative spokespersons and government ministers offer contradictory statements as to exactly what the government intends to do regarding an appeal or not.

If you check here, and here, you’ll see Foreign Minister Cannon’s spokesperson doesn’t seem to know exactly what’s going on. She changed her mind 3 times in 3 hours as to what exactly the government’s official position was – from “no decision has been made”, which seemed to […]

Gritgirl updates her original video – “The Job Losses Continue”

Related to the prior blogpost story, Gritgirl has come out with an update to the original video she did – an update made unfortunately necessary with today’s announced job losses that now are disappearing at the rate of the 1982 recession:

This is Harpernomics, to use a phrase from a few months ago.

(PS – I think it high time the Harper government stop resisting pressure to loosen the EI requirement eligibility, make it a bit more generous to help all these people losing their jobs, and stop insulting people when they say such measures are “paying people to not work”.)


Remember, this is a “mild” recession, according to Finance minister Flaherty.

What would a bad recession look like to him, I wonder? Some more terrible numbers out today:

Canada is shedding jobs at a rate not seen since the deep recession of the early 1980s, as March saw another 61,300 workers join the ballooning ranks of the unemployed. The loss brought Canada’s official unemployment rate to eight per cent, the worst in seven years. Statistics Canada noted that since the peak in October, employment has fallen each month for a total of 357,000 jobs lost, representing 2.1 per cent of the workforce. That is the most since 1982.

I think Flaherty’s other talking point has been that from his perspective, it […]

Are the Cons. to give public taxpayer money to private media so they can buy sports teams??

As you may know, some of the private media companies in Canada are asking for money to help their companies during these tough economic times, and the Conservatives are considering a 150 million $ fund to help them, even as they turned away the CBC’s request for additional funds.

It should be no surprise that the private media are asking that this fund be excluded from the CBC. It will be no surprise if the Conservatives agree to that; it’s rather blatantly obvious the bias the Conservative government has against the CBC. What raises my ire today is that a couple of these private media companies, while pleading poor to […]

As predicted, Jim Flaherty writes Gritgirl’s newest video.

Our sometimes furious Finance minister couldn’t have handed Gritgirl better material on a silver platter if he’d tried, as I predicted a couple of blogposts ago:

Love the music!

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